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Kids rev up Operation
winter break Santa offers
From movies gift of love
to sports they knocked down just one or maybe all of Above: The big trucks,
to monster impressive jumps and Natives Helping
trucks, tribal 3them was priceless. roaring sounds of Monster Neighbors makes
youth make Around and around: Whether it’s beginners Jam draw families to the season brighter
the most of hanging on the rail or experienced skaters Tacoma Dome each year.
time off competing in the fast races, skating at Provided by Jodie Smith The spirit of giving was in the
Centralia Rollerdrome was a great time for all. air during the 2015 Christmas
Christmas Top: The Chehalis Tribal season. Natives Helping
break is a When not skating, kids enjoyed the Youth basketball team Neighbors became part of the
great time bounce houses, playing pinball or competed in the Lacey Rochester Roof Program’s 23rd
for our youth to basketball hoops. At the end of the Basketball League. year of Operation Santa. What
take part in an evening, youths turned in tickets for Provided by the Chehalis an opportunity to give back to
eclectic mix of arcade prizes such as magic coins, Tribal Youth Center low-income families who need
activities each hand buzzers, light-up teeth and extra help around the holidays.
year. It sure Chinese fingers. As taught by our ancestors, “You
was cold, but See YOUTH, page 12 share when and where you can.
they came out Everyone works together.”
as usual for all
kinds of fun. This year was no different.
Here’s a look at Natives Helping Neighbors
what kept our continues to adopt families
youth engaged: from the ROOF Program. Many
program staff members love
1 Slice of cinema: Kids went out on the town to shop, and shop they did.
to watch films according to their age. Families worked together to
After a trip to the movies, pizza is always make a difference during the
welcome to fill up bellies, and our youngsters Christmas celebration. Along
certainly ate their fill. To get compliments for See GIFT, page 12
excellent behavior from restaurant managers is
Operation Santa provided toys
2a plus for youth and staff. to children for Christmas.
Strike!: Another event our
youth loved was bowling at
Fairway Lanes in Centralia.
Wheeling that ball down the
lanes or two-handed rolling down
bumper lanes is fun to watch and
wait, wait, wait for the pins to all fall
over. The look on their faces when
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