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Tribe voices Chief
concerns of police
about fish honored

Award highlights Ralph
Wyman’s safety work,
community outreach

Proposed Chehalis River Basin dam to ease Contributed MJ Haught,
flooding could damage salmon habitat Tribal Liaison for the Washington
Traffic Safety Commission

EContributed by Fred Shortman During the past few years, two The Washington Traffic
ver since the big flood of key issues have become the main Safety Commission recently
2007, people around the topics. Some folks in the upper honored Ralph
Chehalis River Basin have basin want to build a dam to Wyman, Chief of
been looking for ways to reduce control flooding. Tribal members, Police, Chehalis
flooding and the damages that along with others in the basin, are Confederated
occur during them. concerned a dam will seriously Tribes, for a
damage salmon runs. lifetime of
At that time, Gov. Chris achievement in
Gregoire promised to do In 2014, the Governor’s LEARN MORE traffic safety.
something to help alleviate Work Group recommended the The Target
flooding in the basin. Since then, state begin looking at impacts For more on studies of Zero Awards RALPH WYMAN
the state legislature has provided a dam would have, and it also the Chehalis River Basin is a statewide Chief of Police
funding for various planning recommended that a large-scale go to chehalisriverbasin
meetings, scientific studies and salmon restoration project be program that
smaller flood reduction projects. created. The state Department of occurs biennially. For nearly 30
Ecology has been placed in charge years, the WTSC has recognized
The effort continues today of looking at the impacts from a outstanding citizens who go
with the Governor’s Work Group, dam and also what benefits the beyond their job duties and
which meets regularly to discuss restoration projects might have on make contributions, changes
flood-related issues. That group the river. and improvements that affect
includes representatives from everyone’s safety on our roads.
local counties and towns, as well The process they use is called There has only been a handful of
as the Chehalis Tribe. See CONCERNS, page 12
See HONOR, page 2

Oakville Youth cheerleaders wow audience
Crowd gives It was a day of pride for the Oakville the crowd to their feet as they performed.
School OES kids School District on Feb. 2. After learning The excitement of basketball players
student thunderous the ropes from Cheer Coach Alyssa
Madyson applause after Charles and her high school cheerleaders, on the court was echoed by fifth- and
Pickernell halftime show a group of Oakville Elementary School sixth-grade students (and even younger)
is among students cheered during halftime at the cheering from the sidelines.
youngsters Oakville High School basketball game.
This is the first year Charles and
who The youngsters lined up and brought See YOUTH, page 2
learned to

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