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Zika continues to spread and cause concern Urgent care options

Learn the facts about virus Africa in the 1940s, it has been PROTECT YOURSELF Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center
spreading rapidly during the past recommends using the nearest urgent
We have been seeing a lot of couple of years and can now be found Because mosquitoes can carry Zika cares facilities in our area. Wait times
stories in the news about Zika, and in Central and South America, Pacific and other diseases and are generally a are half of what you’ll wait in an ER.
many in the medical community are Islands and the Caribbean. The Zika nuisance, it is best to minimize your risk Here are area urgent care options:
concerned. Zika is a disease caused by virus will continue to spread and it of being bitten.
the Zika virus. will be difficult to determine how and n Wear long-sleeve shirts and long Summit Pacific Medical Center
where it will occur over time. pants. Urgent Care, 600 E Main St. Elma,
There are a number of ways n Apply mosquito repellent. 360-346-2222. Hours: Noon-8
someone can be infected, but the There have been more than 100 n Look around your yard for places that p.m. Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
most common is by mosquito bite. cases reported in the United States, retain stagnant water and eliminate Saturday-Sunday
The primary concern is when a but all have been contracted from them if possible because mosquitoes
pregnant woman becomes infected. travel outside the country. love to breed there. An old tire by the Valley View Walk In Clinic, 1800
side of the garage, a bucket or pail left Cooks Hill Road, Suite G Centralia,
According to the Centers This will gradually change over outside or a bird bath can all serve as a 360-736-3042. Hours: noon-10 p.m.
for Disease Control website, time. It is likely locally acquitted breeding place for mosquitoes. Monday-Sunday (for services after 8
researchers are examining the n If you are pregnant or thinking about p.m., call to see if time slots are available)
possible link between Zika cases will begin to show up as becoming pregnant, avoid travel to
during pregnancy and babies the virus establishes itself places known to have Zika. Providence Pediatric After Hours
born with microcephaly (a in our domestic mosquito For other tips and information on Zika, Clinic, 914 S Scheuber Road Centralia,
small head). population. There are go to the CDC website at 360-330-8526. Hours: 6-9 p.m.
many different kinds of index.html. Monday-Sunday
Only about one in five mosquitoes, but the usual
people infected with carrier is Aedes aegypti and there is no medication that can Woodland Urgent Care, 1299 Bishop
the virus will become and A. albopictus. We cure it. For now, it is much less of a Road Chehalis, 360-748-9822. Hours: 7
sick with rash, fever do have Aedes around concern in the Northwest than in the a.m.-8pm Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
and joint pain. here, but not the southeast, where it will likely spread Saturday-Sunday (noon-5 p.m. holidays)
Most will not two types that are to first when it comes to our country.
realize it is a known carriers. Westcare Clinic, 3000 Limited Lane
Zika infection. There is no NW Olympia, 360-357-9392. Hours:
vaccine for 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5
Originally this disease p.m. Saturday-Sunday
found in
For questions, call the clinic at 360-
273-5504. For life-threatening health
issues, call 911 and/or go to the nearest
emergency room.

Do you need a helping hand? WIC THROUGH SPIPA

n Patient transportation process: Tribal Wellness Center n Checks to purchase nutritious food You might be eligible for
To request a transport to a medical to start the process. n Nutrition and health education WIC services through SPIPA:
appointment, call or visit the front This is a n Breastfeeding education and support
desk reception at the clinic. requirement of the n Referral to health and human services Getting food stamps/basic foods?
grant we have that Pregnant or have a child under the
If you are at a medical appointment pays for the elder meal CONTACT age of 5?
at the clinic and are in need of an program. Debbie Gardipee-Reyes, Dad, grandparent, foster family or
emergency transport to a medical or n Medication 360-462-3227 or Patty other care giver of children?
dental appointment, staff will ensure MARY SECENA pickup: If you want Suskin, 360-462-3224 Under the age of 5?
transportation. Community your medications For Chehalis: Debra On Medicaid or TANF?
Shortman, 360-709-1689
If you are on the Medicaid program Outreach Corner picked up, please
you are eligible for transports through get on the list at the
the state Paratransit program. CTWC. They will be picked up at
Safeway on Tuesdays and Fridays.
A driver will pick you up at Remember to not wait until you run Many working families are on WIC.
home and bring you back after your out of medications before you call Is your income within these
appointment. Once you are registered them in because it can take a few guidelines?
in their system, call them with at least days to complete refills.
a 24-hour notice to schedule your n Home visits: If you People Maximum Maximum
transport. Contact Paratransit need me to do regular in your annual monthly
Services at 800-846-5438 to check-ins at your home household income income
schedule a ride. or at the home of a loved
one, please contact 2 $29,471 $2,456
n Elder meal delivery: Mary Secena, Chehalis 3 $37,167 $3,098
Elder meals are delivered Tribal Wellness Center 4 $44,863 $3,739
starting at 11:30 a.m. each community outreach 5 $52,559 $4,380
coordinator, at 360-709-1758.
To be eligible for
home-delivered meals, see
Pat Odiorne at the Chehalis
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