Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - May 2016
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Youth activities
honor our planet

Kids use creativity to is a worldwide event to On Earth Day, Chehalis tribal youth discovered just how important it
nurture Mother Earth demonstrate support for is to protect our home with various activities.
environmental protection. First
Many Chehalis tribal youth celebrated in 1970, it is now MORE INFORMATION
participated in Earth Day coordinated globally by the
activities at the Gathering Earth Day Network each year. When it comes to Mother
Room on April 22. Earth, there is no time to
To learn, it must be fun! waste. Learn more at earthday.
The event was held by the There were plenty of engaging org and
Soaring Together Prevention activities the children culture/my-environment/land.
Program with Steve Dorland, participated in involving
who is the Tsapowum Chehalis protecting our planet and all Children also built, decorated decorate outside their homes
Tribal Behavioral Health the things that share life here. and filled hummingbird and discovered that working
Outreach Prevention Specialist, feeders. They painted picture with soil is very soothing.
together with Vocational Youth crafted bird feeders frames to take home to be
Rehabilitation, the Youth with Popsicle sticks to share shared with their family. And Yes, it was great gathering
Center and the K-12 Education nourishing food with the birds. they also potted plants to help to celebrate Earth Day! The
Programs. The theme was children are our future.
Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.
Teaching them how to be
Children were encouraged responsible now will provide
to start practicing this for a better Earth tomorrow.
technique at home in honor of
our Mother Earth.

Kids learned about the
importance of preserving the
land and that birds help with
pollination and plants help
keep the air healthy.

Work done now will
preserve the Earth for future
generations. We all share
this planet, and Earth Day

Sign’s facelift to enhance tribal success

Advertising tool gets a striking update

The Chehalis tribal sign off Trail 2 Store was finished The Chehalis tribal sign off Anderson Road and Highway 12 was
Anderson Road and Highway along Highway 12. A notable recently updated.
12 was removed Feb. 13 to change was when the store was
make way for a few changes. converted from unbranded
gas to Shell brand in 2008.
Originally, the sign was The Shell symbol was added
constructed to advertise Lucky to assist in advertising. The
Eagle Casino in 1999. With electronic board promoted
an exciting new business Lucky Eagle Casino and the
adventure, big signs promote End of the Trail Store.
business to be successful.
Our enterprises are off the Now the sign is getting a
beaten path, so signage is very new look. It will be updated
important. The sign helped with technology and designs
customers and passersby find with the new logo for Lucky
their way to our business Eagle Casino & Hotel and the
and played a part in creating End of the Trail Store. The
success for the Chehalis revamp will enhance what the
Reservation. tribe offers to the community
and customers.
In 2005, our End of the
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