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Health Put your best foot forward
fund policy
goes above, Before heading off Participants in last month’s Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center’s Lunch
beyond for seasonal fun, and Learn read over materials relating to proper summer foot care.
take care of tootsies
Contributed by Denise Walker, blood flow MORE INFORMATION
Chehalis Tribal Wellness Humans tend to overlook If you have any of these
Center Director foot care. Last month’s Lunch Get additional tips for foot
and Learn discussed how signs or symptoms, seek care at Under the
There is a new Tribal to keep feet healthy in the medical care immediately foot conditions tab, click on
Member Health Fund summer and tips to select because your foot is at risk. “Diabetes foot concerns.”
Policy approved by the a nail salon. The event, Podiatrist Deborah Behre
Business Committee. sponsored by the SDPI Use your nose! Many will be at the Chehalis Tribal
Diabetes Program, was held people feel their feet are Wellness Center from 8:30
The Tribal Member April 27 in the Chehalis Tribal stinky. This can be caused by a.m.-4:30 p.m. June 27 and
Health Fund was established Wellness Center PT room. a variety of reasons, such as July 24. Call 360-273-5504 to
to assist enrolled Chehalis sports or diseases. schedule an appointment.
tribal members pay for Guest speaker podiatrist
health care that goes above Deborah Behre was invited Get into a routine of around the salon
and beyond the Purchased to educate those interested in washing your feet to see whether it’s
Referred Care payment and learning about the first steps to daily. Drying tidy and all the
to assist enrolled Chehalis properly care for your feet. She them properly surfaces are clean
Tribal members living reminded attendees that the is important to and disinfected. This
outside of the CHSDA with largest part of the body is your ensure to good is important because
their health expenses when skin. Indicators tell you when foot health. Dry clutter and dust attract
requested. something is wrong if you in between toes fungus and harbor infectious
know what signs to look for. and wait to put disease microbes.
This is not in place of on your socks and n Ask questions: How are
an insurance policy and If you are diabetic, it’s shoes until your instruments cleaned and cared
members are still required crucial to monitor your glucose feet are completely for between clients? How are
to sign up for an alternate level and try to maintain a dry. Select clean cotton socks foot basins disinfected?
resource to see whether they stable normal number. or wool socks to wick away Don’t be embarrassed to
are eligible for any source water. Keep your feet warm ask a lot of questions. Good
such as Medicaid, Medicare, Examine your feet and dry. Shoe selection is employees shouldn’t make
private insurance, etc. important, too. Always wear you feel guilty for doing so. A
To prevent foot problems, shoes that fit properly. salon that’s concerned for your
The purpose of the policy check feet regularly (or have health and safety, and that of
is to establish guidelines them checked by a member of Selecting a salon their work, will be happy to
and regulations to ensure the family) and practice good answer your questions.
all enrolled Chehalis tribal foot hygiene. Look for: No one is trying to ruin Watch for flyers about next
members are treated your day at the spa, but you do month’s Lunch and Learn. For
fairly and equitably while n Bumps, lumps, blisters or have to be careful when having questions, contact Pat Odiorne
ensuring a fiscally sound bruises, cuts, sores or cracked your nails professionally done. at 360-273-5504.
process for expenditures of skin because the tiniest crack It makes sense to know your
the Tribal Member Health can become infected salon as they are there to truly
Funds is in place. pamper you, not make you
n Patches of thin or shiny horribly ill.
If you would like a copy skin, which can signal lack of
of the policy, you can pick blood flow n Be observant: Look
one up at the Chehalis
Tribal Wellness Center n Areas of redness,
or call 360-273-5504 to especially red streaks, which
request a mailed copy. can signal the presence of
n Temperature differences
If you have any questions (one part warm, another cold),
regarding the policy, which can signal lack of blood
stop by the center at 21 flow
Niederman Road in Oakville
or call 360-273-5504. n Pain, tingling, numbness
or no feeling at all can mean
possible nerve problems

n Ingrown toenails with red,
puffy skin along the nail and
tenderness or pain

n Loss of hair on foot or leg,
which also can signal reduced
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