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Chehalis tribal member finds success

William R. Thoms is valedictorian of IAIA’s class of 2016

The Institute of American Indian Arts of contemporary native
is pleased to announce that William R. arts. The school serves
Thoms of the Confederated Tribes of the 610 native and non-native
Chehalis Reservation has been named college students from
valedictorian of the class of 2016. He across the globe. IAIA is
graduates with a Bachelor of Fine Arts accredited by the Higher
degree in Studio Arts. He was set to receive Learning Commission
his degree and delivery the valedictory of the North Central
speech during commencement ceremonies WILLIAM R. Association of Colleges.
CHEHALIS TRIBAL in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on May 14. THOMS Many of the more than
NEWSLETTER 4,000 students who
Offering undergraduate degrees in have attended IAIA have gone on to earn
The Confederated Tribes studio arts, creative writing, cinematic arts recognition as acclaimed artists, writers,
of the Chehalis Reservation, and technology, indigenous liberal studies educators and leaders in their professions.
and museum studies, as well as a graduate For more information about IAIA, go to
‘People of the Sands’ degree in creative writing, IAIA is the only
college in the nation dedicated to the study
Articles and opinions expressed
are not necessarily those of this Chehalis tribal youth get their basketballs signed by Referee David Bird was a good sport at
publication or the Chehalis Tribal a Harlem Crowns Basketball Team player. the game with the Chehalis Stars.

Business Committee. CROWNS introduced themselves, where they came
from and how the sport helped them climb
SUBMISSIONS From page 1 out of their individual communities. Inner-
The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter city life brought many challenges as they
display of awesome slam dunks, dribbling grew up. The road was difficult, but passion
encourages tribal members and shooting three-pointers. for basketball saved them.
to submit letters, articles,
photographs and drawings to Endless chatter, practical jokes and The message they want to leave folks
be considered for publication basketball skills demonstrated by the with is no matter what you love to do,
(subject to editing). Contributing Crowns players had the audience laughing seek encouragement, practice and strive
writers, artists and photographers and enjoying the game. The Chehalis to perfect your talent. Whether it’s sports,
Stars came to compete with the team, but music, dancing, art, etc. – whatever you
include Chehalis tribal in the end it is not about winning, what love to do will take you somewhere if you
community members and staff. matter is the love of the game and each continue to feed your dreams and goals.
Submission deadline is the first of other. The Crowns had a lot of fun with And remember that respect and love for
each month (printed monthly). volunteer referee David Bird with keep- each other is crucial for a meaningful life.
away and hiding the ball. This brought fits
TRIBAL CENTER of laughter from spectators. After the game
The message After the game, the Youth Center gave
420 Howanut Road away basketballs to children. Their eyes lit
Oakville, WA 98568 During half time, each of the Harlem up with joy as they ran around to get them
360-709-1726 (office) Crowns players shared their story with autographed. They also spent time visiting
360-273-5914 (fax) the Chehalis tribal community. Members with the Harlem Crowns players.
said it is an honor to travel throughout
CHEHALIS TRIBE’S the United States playing a game they It was an entertaining night with smiles
VISION STATEMENT love and that the basketball team saved all around. Thank you Tony Medina for
To be a thriving, self-sufficient, them. Their vision statement is “Avoiding inviting the Harlem Crowns to visit our
sovereign people, honoring our Drugs and Alcohol through Sports.” Players reservation! The raffles were an added plus.
past and serving current and Watch for flyers and see you next year.
future generations.

Don Secena, Chairman
Harry Pickernell, Sr.,

Vice Chairman
Farley Youckton, Treasurer
Cheryle Starr, Secretary

Dan Gleason, Sr.,
5th Council Member

Fred Shortman,

Audra J. Hill and the
Information Technology Team
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