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wants to keep watching the
ball fall in the gutter anyway?
That’s no fun. We know the
kids had fun as screams of joy
were heard when they knocked
down pins.
The score didn’t matter –
only the enthusiasm over pins
falling and playing together.

Older children more skilled
at bowling used the regular
lane. They did a great job
keeping the bowling ball
outside of the gutter. Kids
challenged each other to
improve and tried to get the
best score. The automated
scorekeepers made things
easier keeping track of their
Bowling is always a fun
challenge! Chaperones, adults
and children all had a great Tribal youth learn how to bait hooks and cast their lines into the water at the pond outside Chehalis
3time. Tribal Fisheries. The Youth Center took kids on a tour of the facilities during spring break.

GO FISH: There’s no
better way to learn
what the Chehalis
Tribal Fisheries does
for the tribe than by visiting.
On April 6, the sun was
shining brightly and it was
a beautiful day as children
exited the bus at the fish

They were met with the
smell of smoke from the fish
pit where staff were cooking
Chehalis-style spring Chinook Youth Center Director Tony Medina chats with fisheries staff. Kids were served Chehalis-style
salmon for lunch. Children were able to get a detailed look at the industry. spring Chinook salmon.
Historically, fishing has
been an instrumental part of 4 ON A ROLL: Next up
the Chehalis culture. was the ever-popular
Many improvements have supply of bait (worms are served lunch for the hungry roller skating outing.
always a good choice). little fishers. The menu Kids sure do get a
been made developing the included spring Chinook kick out of gliding around the
new fish house and hatchery. Kids excitedly headed to the salmon, baked beans, Ritz roller rink while rocking to the
Kids learned about intricate pond dreaming of catching the crackers, potato or macaroni music.
processes during a tour of the big one. They chose a lucky salad and a drink.
facilities. spot, baited their hooks and You could also find a few of
offered it to the fish by casting Walter Lewis used his hand the children playing video
This was a fantastic look at into the lagoon. drum while singing coastal
the industry for children who Salish songs to entertain games during a break.
might one day make it their Children patiently (and kids while they ate. You It is always amazing
future. Some of the kids who sometimes impatiently) waited could hear and feel the
visited could become tribal for the bobber to disappear drum beat as it echoed to watch the youths
fishermen, fish technicians or below the surface as a fish though the fish demonstrating their
biologists. took the offering. Fish on! The house. skating skills during this
After the tour, children fight began as they reeled their heart-pumping family
enthusiastically selected a trout onto shore. The day was a activity.
fishing pole along with a good huge success.
At noon, the fisheries crew
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