Page 11 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - May 2016
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Shyann Ortivez Emily Pickernell Kylee Secena

Oakville High School Rochester Middle School Grand Mound Elementary
11th grade Seventh grade Third grade

Shyann Ortivez, Emily Pickernell, Kylee
daughter of Georgia and daughter of Erika and Secena is the
Gary Ortivez, has a 2.71 Chris Pickernell, is daughter of
GPA. holding a 3.67 GPA. Misty and
Willie Secena.
She has fun hanging She enjoys music and
out with her friends at the fact that Rochester Her
school. Middle School offers a favorite
variety of classes she’s subjects are
Shyann says she is interested in. Emily is math and
a successful student successful in school because she works music. Kylee feels she is a
because she listens to the teachers, tries hard and strives to achieve her goal of successful student because
hard and turns in her work. being on the honor roll every quarter. she pays attention in class and
Her hard work and commitment have follows directions. Her advice
Her advice for others: “Do your best, for other students is “the nicer
don’t get stressed out on your work and paid off as she has been on it the past you are, the better it is.”
don’t be afraid to ask for help.” three quarters. Her advice
for others is to “turn your Outside of school, Kylee
Shyann enjoys basketball homework in on time.” likes playing soccer and
and fast-pitch softball. During Emily’s hanging out with friends.
During her free time, spare time, she likes
she likes being with playing volleyball If she could have
her family and and having a good superpowers, she would
reading. time with friends. choose flying to travel places,
Down the invisibility to sneak away
After high road, Emily from things and telekinesis to
school, Shyann plans to attend move things (she admits she
wants to Centralia College can be lazy).
take culinary to pursue a
classes at nursing career. In the future, Kylee wants
South Puget to attend the Seattle Art
Sound School to become a dancer
Community and musician.
College to
become a chef Attention tribal members Honor roll
or a baker.
If you feel your child should be Kennedy Adams
She loves to nominated for student of the month, Kelsey Bray
spend time in contact Jodie Smith at jsmith@ Arielle Brunett
the kitchen baking or 360-709-1897. Faith Hoheisel
goodies. Tell us the reason your child should be Jasmine Klatush
considered. Deadline is the last Friday of Desiray Klatush
‘Do your best, don’t each month. Devon Olney
get stressed out on Mya Ortivez
your work and don’t be From the education department Hunter Ortivez
afraid to ask for help.’ Emily Ortivez
Congratulations, keep up the good work! As Lauran Quilt
SHYANN ORTIVEZ, ON HOW TO BE a reward for their commitment to school and Emily Pickernell
SUCCESSFUL IN SCHOOL personal growth, each student of the month will Kristen Secena
receive a $50 gift card. Roberta Youckton
Contributed by Chehalis Tribe K-12 Program

It’s almost time for graduates to don their caps and gowns

Get ready to celebrate with high tribal and community graduates for families, tribal members and friends to
school graduates and wish them good their commitment in accomplishing attend. A dinner will be provided.
luck for the future at 5 p.m. June 15 at their goal of graduating from high
Lucky Eagle Casino Events Center. school. To learn more, contact Education
Director John Shortman, Jr. at 360-
The annual gathering recognizes our We encourage graduating seniors’ 709-1749 or
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