Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - July 2016
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is a publication of the Confederated PERMIT No. 2
Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.

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Canoe Journey begins

Traveling with ‘One LEARN MORE
Heart, One Mind’
If you are interested, call Sylvia
The Chehalis Canoe Family Cayenne at 360-888-6638.
will participate in the 2016
Paddle to Nisqually Canoe witness the traditions and
Journey. events along the path to their
final destination in Nisqually.
The Nisqually Tribe will
host the final event July 30 at There are many lessons
the Port of Olympia marina. that occur along the journey:
The week of July 31-Aug. 6
will feature a celebration for n Making, decorating and
all tribes to share their cultural caring for your regalia.
diversity, with the hosting
tribe being last. It is awesome n Learning the songs,
to witness the regalia, songs, drumming and dancing.
dancing and drumming. It’s an
awakening of culture. Many n Carrying yourself with
look forward to this event. honor and respect and
learning and sharing with
The Chehalis Canoe Family other tribes.
has decided our canoe family
will leave from Suquamish n Listening to your elders.
on July 25. They will travel n Supplying gifts to give
on the water with Tu-lap ti along the way, as well as at the
weah. Ground crew will be final landing during protocol.
responsible for setting up Remember to mark all items
camp each day. All Chehalis you plan to take. If you bring
tribal elders, tribal members children, please watch out for
and youth are invited to join or them. Each participant must
sign a waiver and rules form.

BENEFIT The portable cooking pit was used to HERITAGE
cook the salmon at the fundraising
From page 1 event at Millersylvania State Park. The annual Canoe Journey gathering is
arts and information booths regarding events such rich in meaning and cultural significance.
as Canoe Journey hosted by the Nisqually Tribe. Canoe pullers travel great distances as
There also was a cedar weaving workshop, a drum their ancestors did. Participating in the
circle, singers and a $10 salmon plate picnic lunch journey requires physical and spiritual
complete with fry bread and homemade jam. discipline. At each stop, canoe families
ask for permission to come ashore, often
Salmon was donated by the Nisqually Tribe. in their ancestral languages. At night in
The Chehalis Tribe brought its portable fish pit longhouses, there is gifting, honoring and
made by Lucky Eagle Casino to cook it in the sharing of traditional songs and dances.
traditional Chehalis way with fish skewers placed Meals are provided by the host nations.
horizontally through the salmon, held up by a Learn more at
split-wood cooking stick over a fire pit. or follow on Facebook, where tribes
share their path to the final destination
The Chehalis, Nisqually and Puyallup Tribes in Nisqually. They also Live Stream the
brought their canoes for rides out on Deep week of Protocol.
Lake. Safety comes first, and each participant
wore a lifejacket and received a quick pep talk EVENTS
about following the paddle in front in an effort July 30: Port of Olympia Landing
to all pull together. As canoes circled the lake, July 31: Medicine Creek Treaty
you could hear distant singing of songs that got Ceremony
louder as the canoes came closer to the shore. Aug. 1-6: Protocol

A big thank you to all who donated to the
event. The tribes put in a great deal of effort to
ensure the fundraiser was a success.
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