Page 11 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - July 2016
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Maddex Mowitch When he graduates
from high school,
Grand Mound Elementary Maddex wants to raise
Third grade money for the hospitals
because he goes to a lot
Maddex Mowitch, son of Jenee and of hospitals. This will
Dan Penn, just finished third grade at ensure others can afford
Grand Mound Elementary. to get healthier.

He feels he is successful student Maddex loves to draw
because his teachers help him learn. His and wants to go to a college that will
advice to other kids is to keep working help him to become a famous artist.
hard. Maddex also likes fitness.
If he was chairman of the tribe,
Outside of school, he enjoys doing Maddex says he would help kids by
things with his family, soccer, swimming doing activities with them and assisting
and hip-hop dance. with homework.

Cameron Snell get stuff done when it Oakville Middle School student Mya
is given to you because Ortivez’s hard work landed her a
Oakville Middle School if you wait too long, it prestigious award this year.
Eighth grade piles up and your grades
suffer. Inspirational
Cameron Snell recently finished award given to
eighth grade at Oakville Middle School Cameron enjoys Mya Ortivez
with a 3.14 GPA. He is the son of participating in football
Melanie and Eli Snell. Cameron likes at his school. He also This year’s Joshua Michael Gillie
it when his family goes on vacation likes playing video Inspirational Award was given to
together. games with his friends on the weekends Mya Ortivez. She is the daughter of
and during summer. Shawn and Crystal Ortivez and will
His favorite class is history. He thinks After Cameron graduates from high enter eighth grade at Oakville Middle
he is a successful student because he school, he wants to learn how to make School in the fall.
pays attention and gets his work turned video games in college so others can play
in on time. His advice for others is to his games. The award was first presented in
1992. Joshua was a Chehalis Tribal
Kenedy Adams is a successful student Member who had all of the qualities
because she gets her that are attributed to this award,
Oakville High School work done before she along with an abundance of strength
Ninth grade chats. Her advice for and courage. He was an Oakville
other students is to do student in sixth grade when he lost
Kenedy Adams just finished ninth your work. She stays his battle with cancer. He was an
grade at Oakville High School with a active and participates in outstanding student and athlete.
3.28 GPA. She is the daughter of Irene volleyball, basketball, fast Joshua was the kind of person who
and Sean Adams. pitch and cheerleading. was willing to help a friend or anyone
After graduation, Kenedy wants to in sports, academics or any other
Her family means everything to her attend the University of Washington or area. Even at such a young age, he
because she wouldn’t be where she is Saint Martin’s University to study social truly was an inspiration.
today without them. work.
The award is given to the student
What Kenedy likes most about who reflects excellence in athletics, a
school are her friends. She believes she positive attitude, willingness to help
others, hard work and dedication.
Contributed by Chehalis Tribe K-12 Program Each year, there is only one award
given to a qualifying boy or girl who
meets or exceeds the criteria.

Mya worked very hard to achieve
her personal goals. Her positive
attitude and work ethic is a reflection
of herself and her parents, school
and staff.
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