Page 6 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - July 2016
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in a new locale

If you’re seeking employment assistance from
the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, please
note that the program is no longer in the old
clinic. The office is now in the main building of
the Tribal Center.

What is vocational rehabilitation?
The goal of the program is to provide services
to Native American/Alaskan Natives consistent
with their individual strength and abilities.
Our clients are provided with informed choices
while working to create self-confidence and
independence. Our ultimate goal is to prepare
individuals for sustainable employment.

Examples of
TO PARTICIPATE Elders Jerrie Simmons and Tony Medina share resources and information during the
n Vocational Rehabilitation Program fair.
If you would like on-the-
job training, contact Comprehensive Fair highlights
Vocational Rehabilitation evaluation to precious resources
Program Lead Counselor determine abilities,
Orinda Goddard at 360- skills and interests Program can help you achieve career goals
709-1735 or Counselor/ for employment.
General Assistance
Coordinator Erika n Vocational
Pickernell at 360-709- counseling and
1872 to see whether rehabilitation
you are eligible for the planning for
program. employment

n Employment
services such as
job training and resume By Orinda Goddard, Vocational SUMMER OUTREACH PARADE
development. Rehabilitation Program Lead Counselor
n Assistance finding and keeping a job, The Summer Outreach Parade will begin
including the use of special employer incentives The Gathering Room was filled at 10 a.m. Aug. 12 at Howanut Road and
and job accommodations. with resources for community end at the Tribal Center. Participants will
n On-the-job training, apprenticeships and members through the Vocational enjoy food, vendors and fun!
non-paid work experiences. Rehabilitation Program on June 8.
their strengths, priorities, concerns,
n Post-secondary training at a college, Tribal, county and state office abilities, capabilities and interests to
vocational, technical or business school. representatives provided a variety make informed choices. Clients can
of services to assist people. It was a more successfully prepare for and
n Supportive rehabilitation services great opportunity to feature help that find gainful employment within their
including case management, counseling and is available to the community. communities.
medical referrals.
Resource building and creating To be a part of the Vocational
On-the-job training a solid foundation of knowledge of Rehabilitation Program, you must
This specialized training helps you, the where to find assistance is crucial for have a documented disability and a
trainee, develop the skills needed to realize your those in need of support. desire to be employed in your career
career goals. You will interact on a consistent choice.
basis with employees, hold a regular position We often know very little of the
and be paid. The training helps people get used situations others face day in and day Examples of disabilities we have
to the employment environment while gaining out. Please don’t be too proud to ask helped with are learning challenges,
valuable work experience. for assistance! Many programs are post-traumatic stress, traumatic
available to assist you in building brain injury, alcohol/drug addictions,
Benefits your dreams and goals. depression and eating disorders.
n Earn a salary while training.
n Train in desired field. Life can bring interesting It is our duty as vocational
n Gain valuable work experience. challenges, but you can reach goals rehabilitation counselors to help our
n Interact with employees through an and achieve your dreams. clients explore and understand their
integrated work setting. barriers and turn them into abilities.
n Prepare to enter the workforce. The purpose of Tribal Vocational
n Assistance with work clothing, Rehabilitation is to make a culturally
appropriate and community-based
transportation, tools, classes, certifications, etc. program that provides helpful
services. Individuals can realize
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