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Get your daily dose of vitamin D

What is vitamin D and People who don’t get regular sun exposure should include vitamin MORE INFORMATION
why is it important? D-fortified foods such as fish, milk, cheese and eggs in their diets.
If you have any additional
Vitamin D is an essential the “sunshine vitamin.” Ten dosing can vary from 400 questions or concerns about
nutrient that is an important minutes of sunlight three to international units daily to vitamin D, please contact your
part of your overall health. four times a week can help 1,000 IU daily. Check with healthcare provider at the
Your body requires this your body produce what it your primary care provider Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center
nutrient to be able to absorb needs. However, in the Pacific for the correct recommended at 360-273-5504 or wherever
calcium and phosphorous – Northwest, there often isn’t dosing. Even higher dosing is you receive your primary
all of which are essential to enough sunlight and we need needed at times. medical care.
build strong bones and teeth. to get vitamin D through other
Vitamin D helps with bone means. What are the risk factors n People with darker skin.
formation in children and can for developing low vitamin D n Older adults.
slow down or even stabilize n Vitamin D-fortified foods levels? n People who have limited
bone loss in older adults. such as fatty fish, fish oil, exposure to sunlight, such as
Learning what your vitamin D cheese, orange juice, milk and the homebound for instance.
level is requires a blood test. cereals. Check the labels if you n People who are
are not sure. overweight.
What happens if I do not n Babies and toddlers
get enough vitamin D? n Supplements. Depending who are given non-milk food
on a person’s age and need, products or food products that
Children may acquire a do not have vitamin D added.
condition called “rickets,” n People who take
skeletal problems that certain medications such as
can lead to bone pain and prednisone.
developmental delays. It also n People who have kidney
can cause problems with disease or other medical
children’s teeth. problems such as absorption
problems (i.e., Crohn’s disease,
Adults may experience bariatric surgery).
weak bones, thin bones and n People who live in the
muscle weakness. This could northern states, especially
increase risk for falls and during the winter months.

Low levels of vitamin D
also may contribute to certain
chronic conditions such as
cancers, heart disease, kidney
disease, high blood pressure
and mood disorders.

How do I get vitamin D
and how much do I need?

n Sun exposure. This is
why it’s sometimes called

Legal advice office has moved Chehalis WIC

Indian Wills and Estate This service is without cost Women, Infants and Children
Planning Services are now to Chehalis Tribal members provides healthful food and
offered to all Chehalis Tribal who do not have a will or nutrition information for you
Members who are age 18 and would like to update a will. and your child up to age 5.
older. These include wills, Simmons’ position is for
powers of attorney and medical legal questions, not part of NEXT WIC DATE
directives or living wills. the Office of Tribal Attorney. 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Aug. 4
If you have a legal question, at the Chehalis Tribal
Legal Advisor Jerrie she can point you in the right Wellness Center
Simmons’ office has been direction. CONTACT
moved into the Resource Debbie Gardipee-Reyes, 360-462-3227 or Patty Suskin,
Building (Old Clinic). She is Contact Jerrie at 360-273- 360-462-3224. For Chehalis: Debra Shortman, 360-709-1689
available three days a week 5911 to set up an appointment
from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and get necessary paperwork.
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