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STAFF PROFILES Protect pets during
hot summer months
Lab Manager/ a medical
CAC aims to laboratory
enhance patient technologist. Contributed by Brennan Stoelb,
experience I retired Animal Control Officer
from the
Hello Chehalis Tribal U.S. Air Although it started slowly,
Community, my name is Force in it appears the summer
John V. Williams. I was 2003 and weather has finally decided
hired by the Chehalis John V. began my to stick around! As the
Tribal Wellness Center as Williams journey summer temperatures begin
Lab Manager/Computer to rise, not only do we feel it,
Applications Coordinator. with Native but so do our pets.
My position will be to American tribes in the
establish a laboratory to Northwest. You likely know that
perform tests we otherwise In 2004, I became the body temperature of
would have had to send involved in the Indian a human is around 98.6
out and to enhance the Health Service Electronic degrees. Your pet dog’s
Electronic Medical Records Health Record. The two normal body temperature
system and its use to careers eventually led to runs about 101.5 degrees. FOR ASSISTANCE
improve processes that will me becoming an employee Dogs do not sweat the
enhance the overall patient of the Chehalis Tribe as same as people. Rather Please call Animal Control at
experience. your new Lab Manager/ than having a lot of sweat 911 or 360-273-7051.
Computer Applications glands all over their body,
I was born and raised Coordinator. the majority of dog’s sweat get out of the sun while
in Northern California. Some of my hobbies glands are in their paws. taking advantage of airflow.
After graduating high include outdoor Rather than relying on
school, I studied electronic activities and classic sweating to keep cool, dogs Provide plenty of water:
engineering at DeVry cars and motorcycles. I will keep their mouths open Having cool and clean water
Institute of Technology am looking forward to and pant heavily. Moisture available will keep your pet
in Phoenix for a year. I meeting everyone and the evaporates off their tongue, hydrated when hot. If your
changed courses to join the opportunity to enhance the as well as from the moist pet knocks over his or her
U.S. Air Force and became quality and scope of services lining in their lungs. water bowl, dig a bucket-size
the Wellness Center has to hole and fit the watering
offer. Have a great day! Another interesting pail or dish inside. This
way dogs keep cool is way, your pet won’t tip it
Work is a blessing for counselor blood vessels in their ears over and the soil can help
and face will expand and insulate and keep the water
Hello, my name is Erika youth and contract. When their body cool, especially if you float
Pickernell. I’m a Chinook working temperature is high, this ice in the water. Fun fact: A
Nation Tribal member. one on makes the blood flow closer dog needs about an ounce
one with to the skin and allows it to of water per pound of their
I have been in the vocational cool down. body weight. That means a
Chehalis Tribal community rehabil- dog that weighs 60 pounds
in one way or another for itation Here are tips to keep your needs a half a gallon of water
the past 21 years. clients. pets cool this summer: a day!
Erika Outside
My great grandmother Pickernell of work, Provide shade: A place Go inside: If it isn’t not
Ruby Sanders was born and to get out of the sun is key comfortable for you to be in
raised on this reservation I enjoy to staying cool. While a the sun, your pet likely will
along with her sister Helen going on outings with doghouse is great for pets be uncomfortable.
Sanders and many other my husband, Chris, and to get out of the elements,
brothers and sisters. daughters Emily and it might be warmer inside And remember: Outdoor
the doghouse than outside. pets need to be in a fenced
I was hired in October Providing a tree or other yard or on a line run and
2015 as the Vocational form of shade will ensure not allowed to go off your
Rehabilitation Program your dog can find a place to property.
Assistance Coordinator Kaytlin. We love going to the
and have enjoyed this new movies, Mariners games and
adventure I have been on. Seahawks games in the fall.
Thank you to the tribe for Division of Child Support help
Working in this the opportunity to serve my
community has been a community. The Vocational
blessing in many ways, Rehabilitation Program has Not sure how to get Social Services Conference
from taking part in several moved to the main Chehalis started? Have questions Room.
outreach projects with our Tribal Center. or need help filling out
Stop in to see me paperwork? Help is available For more information,
anytime during work hours. between 1-3 p.m. every contact Support Enforcement
second Wednesday of the Officer – Tribal Liaison Eric
month at the Chehalis Tribal Stender at 360-664-6971 or
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