Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - July 2016
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Peace and Creating
Dignity positive
participants gatherings
gathered at
the Chehalis Chehalis Tribal Law
Tribal Youth Enforcement Officers,
Center before Behavioral Health Staff,
heading south Chehalis Tribal Wellness
to their next Center staff and various
destination. program staff are proposing
They shared a positive way to get the
their message community and tribal
with elders, program staff together.
adults and
youth for this They are using a
year’s journey, community gathering
“Prayer for style, and food is a driving
the Seeds.” factor to entice people to
gather in different locations
Trek for peace, unity, dignity throughout the Chehalis
Participants share ABOUT THE JOURNEYS communities where they:
experiences with tribe n Participate in spiritual practices This also allows the
Peace and Dignity Journeys are and traditions. community to meet
The Chehalis Tribe spiritual treks that embody the n Spark dialogue on peace and program staff and ask
was honored to welcome prophecy of the Eagle and Condor. dignity for indigenous peoples. questions about what is
caretakers of the sacred staffs This mandates that all indigenous n Model their responsibility being offered and find
from the Peace and Dignity people in the western hemisphere to Mother Earth, Father Sky, out where they might be
Journeys to the reservation shall be reunited in a spiritual way communities and themselves. needed.
June 14. They arrived to rest to heal our nations and begin to n Receive the community’s
before continuing on their work toward a better future for our prayers. This month, the
travels southward. children. Conversations and prayers are community gathering
Through the Journeys, then carried to communities along brought folks together at
The Peace and Dignity participants work to accomplish the way until runners reach the the new playground on
Journeys began in 1992 to this goal by: center of the hemisphere. When Tahown Drive.
continue in the spirit of the n Helping each other reconnect they meet at the Kuna Nation
traditions of our ancestors. to their respective spiritual in Panama City, Panama, it will It was a very exhilarating
practices and traditions. symbolize all indigenous peoples information experience.
Every four years, indigenous n Helping each other relearn our joining together in a spiritual way
communities all over North, role in the world as indigenous to manifest the prophecy of the Word of the event spread
Central and South America peoples. Eagle and Condor. fast, and the Indian tacos
witness and partake in the n Reminding each other of our For more information about the served were delicious.
tradition of receiving runners responsibilities to Mother Earth, Peace and Dignity Journeys, go to
with ceremonies unique to Father Sky, our communities and There will be other
their community, sharing ourselves. events like this one
stories, song, dance and Participants travel for six months journey, “Prayer for the Seeds.” throughout the summer.
wisdom from community through hundreds of indigenous “There are various meanings Stay connected and watch
elders and ceremony. for future invites through
Tony Medina and many of to this prayer and individuals social media and oral
Runners start from both the youth met the walkers to as they cross the land. Use tradition.
ends of the continent in lead them to the Youth Center. and share your words and
Chickaloon, Alaska, and It was an honor to host our knowledge to plant the seeds Chehalis tribal staff and the
Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, visitors. to your youth for continued community met at the new
traversing the entire continent prayers that they learn to take playground on Tahown Drive
by foot from community While in circle, each care of our Mother Earth, last month.
to community and joining participant shared a moment Father Sky, our communities
together for a final gathering that they were gifted during and each other,” he said.
in Panama City, Panama. their journey. It was an
enlightening experience and After the Peace and Dignity
It is an opportunity to come brings gladness that this good ceremony of sharing and
together in peace and unity to work is being done. words of wisdom, singing
share messages runners learn and drumming were enjoyed
from other tribes. This year, Chehalis tribal elders, during the enlightening
participants walk to honor the adults and youth greeted them evening!
“Prayer for the Seeds.” with open arms.

The Chehalis Tribe hosted One of the walkers shared
participants on the path to the meaning of this year’s
their final destination. Our
community was blessed to
hear of their work.
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