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Left: Canoe
families spend
time on the
water together
pulling and
praying as they
reached their
destination in
Below left: Youth
are recognized
on the floor
during final
Below right:
Chehalis Tribal
Don Secena
and Glenda
Delamater wish
everyone a safe
journey before
leaving Port
Gamble Tribe.

JOURNEY Hard work rewards important for children in the those who came before them.
participants. Each time the camps. They are expected They became stronger after
From page 1 paddle hits the water is another to receive direction from each practice session, and
step closer to daily goals. tribal elders, stick to a curfew it showed with confidence
and manage self-discipline. and take part in protocol in their drumming, singing,
Most important is praying Power pulls pick the canoe ceremonies in the pavilions at dancing and speaking.
together for the health of our up, and it feels like flowing night. This reminds them to
sacred mother earth, families on air. It is awe-inspiring to fully experience the culture. Port of Olympia landing
and communities. Learning witness pullers using their
about the teachings from paddles in unison as the rower You can see them beading July 29 was the final day
elders and leaders gives our in the front seat sets the pace. regalia, practicing songs on the water. More than 85
canoe family a solid core. Because the white paddles or making gifts to be given canoes landed at the Port of
reflect in the sunlight, they are during final protocol. It is Olympia in Budd Inlet. It is a
Before departing, commonly referred to as angel instrumental to the individual spectacular sight to behold!
participants sign a code of wings as they move together. growth and teachings to honor
conduct, which includes the the hosting tribe. The Nisqually Tribe greeted
promise they will not consume The discipline of the them with the beating of
drugs or alcohol during the canoe extends to life into the The growth could be seen as drums and songs sung echoed
voyage. sprawling camps that spring the canoe family learned new across the speakers.
up at every landing along the songs together. Our younger
When you heard the call, expedition. Incidents are solved men and women stepped into Each canoe family sang
“Chehalis Canoe Family, circle together during circle time. leadership roles. They will their songs and lifted their
up,” everyone would gather in carry on the teachings of all
a circle to discuss plans for the Discipline is especially See JOURNEY, page 11
next day. This also was a time
for pullers and ground crew to
break down camp and move
on to the next location.

Daily goals

The voyage isn’t an easy
path to self-discovery. On the
water, the canoe demands
respect and is known to many
individuals as a vessel of
healing. Our canoe, Tu-lap
ti weah, is a beautiful sacred
cedar strip ocean canoe.

Skipper and puller honor
her each day and circle up with
a prayer for a safe journey.

It was an honor to be
selected by the skipper to be a
puller for a leg of the journey.
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