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CHEHALIS TRIBAL Families work together in their fireworks stand, putting a lot of energy into their business.
Independence Day success
The Confederated Tribes
of the Chehalis Reservation, Community enjoys another were lighting their hoard as they enjoyed
year of dazzling fireworks the holiday. There were areas dedicated
‘People of the Sands’ to lighting fireworks to protect all those
The Fourth of July has come and gone, who traveled to watch the dazzling display
Articles and opinions expressed but memories of the incredible displays at the annual Chehalis Tribal Fireworks
are not necessarily those of this and wonderful celebrations will last. Show. Vendors offered items as well.
publication or the Chehalis Tribal
There were 75 fireworks stands Thankfully, there were very few mishaps.
Business Committee. operating within the Chehalis reservation. Chehalis Tribal Law Enforcement Officers
Stand owners worked hard to supply a and Oakville Fire Department personnel
SUBMISSIONS variety of fireworks to pyrotechnics fans. were available to handle emergencies. They
The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter The weather cooperated and blessed the also provided much-needed traffic control
season with rain, keeping things safer for when the show was finished.
encourages tribal members those who put on fireworks shows. Many
to submit letters, articles, cities and states have fireworks bans in The licensed Chehalis Tribal Pyrotechnic
photographs and drawings to place and restrictions on where people crew put on a wonderful display of
be considered for publication gather to light fireworks. Areas and times thunderous booms and dazzling colors
(subject to editing). Contributing were designated for lighting fireworks and with cakes and mortars. The volunteers
writers, artists and photographers made for an enjoyable experience when create an awesome fireworks show to end
done properly. the season. It takes a lot of time to produce
include Chehalis tribal an awe-inspiring display of booms, crackles
community members and staff. After purchasing their fireworks, and bright bursts of bouquets.
Submission deadline is the first of community members headed out to meet
each month (printed monthly). up with their friends and family. You could Most important is the lasting impression
see the delight in their eyes as they walked of the majestic grand finale that brings a
TRIBAL CENTER away talking about how they were going to powerful close to Independence Day.
360-273-5911 enjoy their Independence Day celebrations.
Thank you Barnaby, Dustin, Buck Buck,
420 Howanut Road Parades, barbecues, music and fireworks Hector and all of the other volunteers who
Oakville, WA 98568 are a way for families to gather and helped with the show. It is a great way to
360-709-1726 (office) celebrate freedom in the United States end the fireworks season.
360-273-5914 (fax) of America. Yes, freedom! Without the
commitment and dedication of our veterans, Again, good job!
CHEHALIS TRIBE’S we wouldn’t have our freedom to celebrate.
To be a thriving, self-sufficient, Fireworks show
sovereign people, honoring our Clean-up is another important factor
past and serving current and People poured into the tribal center to after a fireworks show. At 6 in the morning,
future generations. celebrate the Fourth of July at the only the ground maintenance crew started
hand-lit show in Washington. Fireworks gathering debris left after the celebration.
BUSINESS COMMITTEE could be seen all around the surrounding
Don Secena, Chairman areas, enjoyed by those brave enough and The clean-up crew is dedicated in
Harry Pickernell, Sr., not scared of the loud explosions. Children keeping our tribal properties tidy. They are
very grateful to individuals who take the
Vice Chairman time to clean up after themselves. Again,
Farley Youckton, Treasurer thank you for your hard work. It is greatly
Cheryle Starr, Secretary appreciated!

Dan Gleason, Sr.,
5th Council Member

Fred Shortman,

Audra J. Hill and the
Information Technology Team
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