Page 10 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - September 2016
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The Heritage
& Culture


at Legends
Field complex


and singing.

POWWOW More on powwows Spokane tribal member David BEFORE YOU GO
Browneagle served as master of
From page 1 Most dances seen at ceremonies. If you decide to attend a
powwows today are social have not. Outfits worn by the powwow and are uncertain of
interested and train to become dances that might have had dancers – like the styles of procedure or etiquette, please
dancers. Male and female different meanings in earlier clothing today – evolve over check with the master of
dancers were dressed in full days. Although dance styles time. They symbolize not a ceremonies, arena director or
regalia and performed different and content have changed, stagnant culture, but a vibrant head singer. They will be glad
styles of dance. their meaning and importance and changing way of life. to answer your questions.
Please make sure to be very
Young and old came to see Powwow singers are very respectful and allow time for
the time-honored tradition. important figures in Native them to inform you.
It brought back memories American culture. Without
of participating in powwow them, there would be no songs, and many are still sung
dancing when they were young. dancing. The songs are of many in Native American languages
Seeing the dancers in their varieties, from religious to war either newly composed or
ensembles was breathtaking. to social. They still hold special revivals of old songs. They are
They were decorated with bright meaning to those who know the reminders to the Indian people
colors, feathers and beadwork of their old ways.
depending on the style of dance
they were going to demonstrate. The day ended with the round
dance. The Chehalis community
Spokane tribal member was invited to participate. As
David Browneagle was the the drumming and singing
master of ceremonies. He continued, it brought smiles to
described the type of dance that the faces of tribal community
was being performed and what members. It was a great addition
the colors in the traditional to a fun-filled day!
outfits represented. Within
various categories, men and
women demonstrated dances
that featured tribal and regional


The Indian Nations from
the Yakama Reservation did
an outstanding job singing and
drumming. Our whole culture
centers on the drum, and it is
one of the most important things
in the life of a Native American.
It brings the heartbeat of our
Earth Mother to the powwow
for all to feel and hear. The
sound helps everyone get back
in balance. Whether dancing,
singing or just listening, people
around the drum can connect
with the spirit.
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