Page 9 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - September 2016
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Picnic gives big thanks to tribal employees

The Chehalis Tribe’s annual their children who came to see Congratulations! Keep up the Ralph’s Team
picnic for tribal employees was their family members receive great work. (the Chehalis
held Aug. 19 at Columbus Park awards. Tribe’s
in Tumwater. Volleyball tournament Public Safety
It is important to recognize Department)
It was a scorching day, but employees’ commitment to our There were six teams entered was
employees looked forward to tribe. Years of service awards into the tournament with a victorious
the event and prepared for the were announced by name and special treat at the end for the during the
extreme temperatures by staying what department the employee winners. Players gave it their all volleyball
hydrated. The day was perfect works in. on the sandy court. After each tournament
for a swim or just sitting in the match, they found shade and at the
shade by the lake. It was something to witness kept hydrated for the next round. employee
how much the tribe has grown picnic.
Individuals signed in to during the past decades. From In the end, Ralph’s Team (the
receive a raffle ticket and beach employees who recently started Chehalis Tribe’s Public Safety Raffle
towel. Children scampered off to to those that have spent more Department) came out the
swim in Black Lake. than four decades with the tribe, winner, earning bragging rights Cheers and applause could
we appreciate their dedication and first place. Good job to be heard as winners were
The volleyball tournament supporting the tribe. everyone for participating. announced. Everyone came out
started earlier because of the a winner though because they
heat. Many elders and adults were able to spend quality time
stayed in the shade to visit with with friends and family.
co-workers and family.
There were special raffle
It was a relaxing day spent items available for employees
with friends and family enjoying who brought desserts. It didn’t
each other’s company, sharing in matter if it was home-cooked or
recognition of and appreciation purchased at the store.
for the hard work they do for
our community. There are very talented bakers
in our pool of employees who
A delicious meal was love to cook.
provided by Lucky Eagle Casino
employees. They brought a
dessert of their choosing and
were entered into a raffle
drawing to win an extra prize
later in the day.


The picnic area was filled
with elders, employees and

Vibrant classes celebrate our history, future

The Heritage & Culture program is Program encourages tribal scheduled very soon. And don’t forget
seeking instructors to teach classes and members to enjoy arts, crafts to offer your suggestions so we can plan
suggestions for future projects. projects and activities.
The Heritage & Culture Program is
pleased to continue offering classes to the Culture rooms are open from 12:30-
Chehalis tribal community. 4:30 p.m. Monday and Friday and 9:30 a.m.-
6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
We have an open-door policy for all tribal
members to drop in for sewing, basket- Please contact the community center
making and art projects. You are welcome to let us know if you want to participate in
to come in anytime! any project we are working on. Call Joyleen
McCrory at 360-709-1873 or Lynn Hoheisel
We also can bring in instructors to teach at 360-709-1748.
classes. If you know folks who would be
willing to share their talents, please contact Lynn is available to work on family trees
us. We are searching for carvers, beaders, with tribal member families and is still
fishing specialists, regalia instructors, looking for pictures to add to our collection.
leatherwork artists, fishing pole makers and Her hours are 8 a.m.-noon Monday,
others who can teach arts and crafts to our 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and
tribal people. 8 a.m.-noon Friday.

You also can sign up for a beading This year has been a huge success with
class and a fishing pole class that will be more than 150 tribal members coming to
our program to learn, socialize and work
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