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Forces. The heartfelt evening Chehalis tribal veterans closed the evening by carrying the flags to retire the colors.
was the Chehalis Tribe’s
opportunity to thank those Mya Ortivez and Talena Klatush gave the Pledge The POW/MIAs ceremony is an important part of
men and women who chose to of Allegiance in their regalia. the Veterans Recognition Dinner.
defend our way of life.
nation. The message was: “You shared was how the big United States from enemies
The master of ceremonies are not forgotten!” helicopters that flew rescue at home and abroad. He also
was Lt. Jake Dickerson missions were nicknamed Jolly shared the reality of war – the
from our Chehalis Tribal Dinner was especially Green Giants. sacrifices one makes to protect
Law Enforcement Program. delicious. Fish was provided our values.
Winona Youckton from the by the Chehalis Tribe and Travis described how he
Oakville Shakers Church Lucky Eagle Casino. After the survived his deadly missions War leaves scars, and many
started off the evening with a food was blessed by Pastor and how his determination veterans still bear the scars and
prayer. Marie Bird, everyone was and training allowed him to have paid a significant price for
invited to eat. Entertainment be here today. He was able to their service. Some have given
Posting of the colors was provided by the Chehalis save his fellow serviceman. up family time, seeing the birth
Canoe Family. They brought a Even though they died later, of a child or saying goodbye to
The flags were carried by coastal Salish style of singing he said if given the same a dying loved one. Others have
tribal member veterans and and drumming in honor of the choice knowing the outcome, paid with a limb, their sight or
posted with honor on the veterans. he wouldn’t change a thing. their hearing.
stage for everyone to see. As When he finished his story,
the veterans stood for the Patriotic speakers the audience clapped for the Still other veterans
ceremony, you could see the heroism he showed for his continue to pay with secret
pride in their eyes. The first guest speaker of fellow man and country. mental struggles, nightmares
the evening was retired Air or homelessness. Brother to
Chehalis Tribal Royalty Force Lt. Col. Travis Wofford. Travis Hedrick, who served brother, comrade to comrade,
Talena Klatush and Mya He brought a surreal reality in the Air Force and holds a I urge you to remember those
Ortivez gave the Pledge of to his time in the air force. doctorate degree in theology, who continue to bear the scars
Allegiance while dressed in He was assigned to fly rescue was the second guest speaker of their service. Understand
their regalia. Young tribal missions for those calling for of the evening. Travis shared their dedication to the liberty
member Madoleen Goddard help to be extracted. Many his wisdom and the history of and freedoms of the United
sang the National Anthem. times, he came under heavy men and women who stepped See VETERANS, page 3
They did such an awesome job, enemy fire. One memory he up to support and defend the
and the veterans stood and
responded with thunderous

The Chehalis Tribe’s Vice
Chairperson Jessie Goddard
welcomed everyone. She
thanked all of the veterans and
their families for attending the
ceremony. Jessie recognized
those from past wars and
offered prayers to those now
serving so they may return
safely to their families.

Upon entering the room,
attendees saw a special table
set up on the stage reserved to
honor our missing veterans.
The POW/MIAs ceremony
was performed by Kenneth C.

It represents a place that is
solemnly held for those who
have not yet returned from
war. Each item on the table is
symbolic of the trials of these
missing veterans. Kenneth
described the items, sharing
what they symbolize.

When the ceremony was
finished, everyone raised their
glasses to honor America’s
POW/MIAs. It was a toast to
the success of our efforts to
account for them and to the
safety of all now serving our
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