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‘… And for the support of this declaration,
with a firm reliance on the protection of divine
Providence, we mutually pledge to each other
our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.’


VETERANS to recognize the youngest Gifts galore found
veteran, Brandon Aker; at Elders Bazaar
From page 2 oldest veteran, Alexander
States and keep them in your Dunum; and person with Event helps put The annual Elders Bazaar
prayers. the longest term of service, presents under the offered delicious food and items
Curtis Thompson. Each tree, fund activities perfect for Christmas presents.
Tamra Marlow sang veteran stood up and was bringing in more donations
America the Beautiful. met with a roar of approval The annual Elders Bazaar for the raffle. It was a huge
Halfway through the song, from the audience. brought beautiful handmade raffle with more than 70 items
she invited everyone to sing items to the Lucky Eagle available. Congratulations to all
with her. It was a special Jake graciously accepted Casino Event Center on of the winners!
moment for all as their a coat for his time and Dec. 3. The center was filled
voices chimed in to finish the commitment as MC. Nancy with wall-to-wall vendors and The Elders Bazaar rounds
patriotic song. also announced his 21 years a wide assortment of treasures. out the Christmas shopping
of service protecting our There was a wealth of gifts season with a warm and
There was a raffle, and community. available to wrap up Christmas inviting place to find special
gifts were handed out to the gift lists for family and friends. gifts. It’s a great way to meet
veterans. The grand prize Winona offered a closing It also was a great opportunity new people and fund activities
was a big-screen television. prayer to bless the evening. to reunite with old friends and the elders plan each year.
When the winning raffle make new ones. The Christmas
number was announced, The event came to an spirit was in the air as people Remember, the bazaar is
there was an excited scream end with the retiring of visited, shopped and shared as the first Saturday of every
of joy from the winner. the colors. Everyone stood they enjoyed their day. December. Merry Christmas
Nancy Romero asked those in honor and some people and Happy New Year!
who hadn’t received a gift saluted as the colors were Elders provided tasty food
to raise their hands, and carried from the stage. for hungry customers to take
volunteers distributed the a break and re-energize before
remainder of the prizes. As veterans, let us pledge continuing to shop. Who could
all the things we hold dear resist purchasing delicious
The MC provided an once again to the liberty and fried bread, clam chowder,
opportunity for those who freedoms of this great nation. chili or a piece of pie? All food
have served in various May god bless you and may was donated by the elders. The
armed services to stand god bless America. money raised will be used to
proudly and be recognized. assist funding elders’ activities
He also announced that it Thank you, veterans. throughout the year.
is a time-honored tradition We continue to honor your
precious sacrifice for our Chehalis tribal elders offered
Chehalis tribal member country. raffle tickets to the delight of
Madoleen Goddard sang the many. Items were donated by
National Anthem beautifully. Eternal thanks vendors, and elders were seen

n Veterans Day
Committee: Nancy Romero,
Angie Coulter, Gigi Fisher,
Gloria Jones, Jo Aldrich,
Joseph Talotta, Alyssa
Charles, Micheal Stevenson,
Tamra Marlowe, Michael
McNair, Mand Warren, Jake
Dickerson and Lela McAferty.

n A special thanks to all
of the volunteers for your
hard work and dedication
to making this a memorable
event for each and every

n Thanks to those who
donated to this special day.
Chehalis Tribe, Lucky Eagle
Casino & Hotel and Glenco

Hope to see everyone next
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