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Trees, thanks and time to check in

ABOVE: Head Start classes selected trees at Christmas Valley at As always, the Early families and community
the end of November. They also left with a candy cane. Learning Program is bustling members come together to
TOP: Early Learning held a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with activities: give thanks.
Nov. 17 at the Chehalis Tribal Community Center.
Performance review Teacher check-in

A federal review team Parent/teacher conferences
from the Office of Head Start are well under way in both
came to visit our program Head Start and Early Head
Nov. 7-8. They met with the Start. Parents that have
newly elected Chehalis Tribal not met with their child’s
Business Committee and the teacher will need to speak to
Head Start Policy Council. the teacher to schedule an
Periodically throughout appointment. We love getting
the school year, members a chance to brag about all
of the team will return to of the wonderful things the
our center to provide staff children are doing at school.
training, classroom advice
and to ensure our program Christmas trees
is following the newest Head
Start Performance Standards. The Head Start classrooms
went to Christmas Valley on
Giving thanks Highway 12 the last week
of November to pick out
Early Learning hosted classroom Christmas trees.
our annual Community Each child is given a chance
Thanksgiving Dinner on to use the saw to cut down the
Nov. 17 at the Chehalis Tribal tree that they have chosen,
Community Center. We’d hear a Christmas story and
like to give a big thank you to take home a candy cane. After
Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel parent volunteers hauled the
for donating a traditional, trees back to the center in their
delicious Thanksgiving trucks, children decorated them
dinner! We were very happy with ornaments and art they
to see so many of our program created. Come take a look!
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