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Youth invited to learn about life of an elder

Contributed by Youth Center chores consisted of and how to take turns asking questions Elder Diane
Director Tony Medina families depended on each regarding who her favorite Devlin
other. She talked about her singer and movie star are. shared her
Young eyes glistened as education, family and life on memories
children listened intently to the reservation. When she Our goal for this program is with
elder Diane Devlin’s story finished speaking, children for youth and elders to interact children
on Dec. 1. patiently raised their hands and learn from each other. If at the
there are any other elders who Chehalis
Diane’s talk is part of a new Tribal
Youth Center program that Youth
invites an elder to share with Center on
our youth what life was like Dec. 1.
growing up on the Chehalis A new
Reservation back when there program
was just a Tribal Hall and a brings
ball field. elders in
to talk
Diane spoke about when about their
the Chehalis Tribe would kick memories
off the Tribal Days Baseball of growing
Tournament. The gathering up on the
would be the start of the reservation.
baseball season for other would like to share their life
reservations, which would story with our children, please
follow during the spring and contact the Youth Center so we
summer. She also shared with can schedule a date.
the children how far apart Thank you DeeDee from
her neighbors were, that they the youth and Youth Center
grew their own vegetables in staff!
their family garden and they
shopped once a month at a

Children focused on Diane
as she discussed what her

Shop with a Cop brings out holiday smiles

Submitted by Mike McNair, Chehalis Tribal Law Enforcement and Bailey’s IGA sponsored families to give them a grand holiday meal.
Chehalis Tribal Community
Resource Officer families don’t have money in That is why it is called Shop reminds us all that they are
their budget for this type of with a Cop. They were seen thoughtful people who are
Local families who could activity. smiling as they traveled up very much appreciated. It
use a helping hand received a and down the isles to shop wasn’t about the cost involved
memorable Thanksgiving treat Afterward, they traveled for their Thanksgiving dinner but rather an opportunity
Nov. 21. to Rochester Bailey’s IGA to with all the fixings. to learn about the officers
shop with the officers. The and share in a moment of
Chehalis Tribal Law families received help to have Everyone thanked the appreciation of each other.
Enforcement Officers, Lucky a wonderful family gathering. officers for their surprise. It
Eagle Casino employees,
Rochester ROOF Center staff
and Bailey’s IGA put a surprise
plan called Shop with a Cop
into action.

Families were selected by
the Rochester ROOF Program
and our Chehalis Tribal ICW
Program. The Chehalis Tribal
Law Enforcement sponsored
two families and Bailey’s IGA
sponsored two families.

First, they were picked up
at their house by squad cars
and driven to Lucky Eagle
Casino for breakfast. This was
a delight because many of the
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