Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - January, 2017
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PARTY down, Norma Daniels went on focus, so many tribal members Clockwise from
stage to call bingo. Volunteers worked hard on their cards left: Children
From page 1 handed out bingo passes, for that special opportunity to burned off
crayons and daubers to mark yell, “BINGO!” energy in the
After signing in and with. It was a great way to Merry Makers’
filling out raffle tickets, tribal win an extra present from As the winners of the raffle bounce house,
community members walked Santa Claus. This is a game of were announced, elders, Norma Daniels
around to find a spot to sit and adults and children were all called bingo,
visited along the way. Tables seen heading up to the front kids tore into
had to be added to make room to claim their prize. After presents and
for all of the guests. Happiness they returned to their seats, raffles were
emanated from the main you could hear the sound of an exciting
gym as families greeted their tearing paper. There were addition to the
cousins they haven’t seen for a excited screams of joy at the Community
while. After the blessing of the thoughtful gifts and toys Christmas Party
food, people lined up to get provided by the tribe. on Dec. 18.
a little sustenance to prepare Community Christmas Party.
them for a fun day. When the day came to an Thanks to everyone who
end, families said goodbyes helped prepare for this
Yes, it was an enjoyable and headed out the door to get holiday season: Event staff,
experience as families their candy bags. Each bag was K-12 Education staff and
celebrated Christmas together. filled with love, thoughtfulness Youth Center staff. We can’t
Many stayed until the very and goodies to be snacked forget to say thanks to those
end. There were hugs and on later when community who volunteered their time
“Merry Christmas” wishes members returned safely to help – Norma Daniels,
echoed from various places home. Justin Youckton, Dolly, Jake
around the gym. The smiles and Jacque Dickerson, Teresa
and joy on people’s faces Many thanks Pannkuk and Ray Banuelos
proved it was a good day. Sr., Doug Boyd, Bobby Jones
Children were seen taking We are grateful to and Diana Pickernell.
gifts to their cars with the the volunteers who helped And a special thanks to the
anticipation of playing with make this another successful red-headed Santa, Rodney
new toys at home. Boyd Sr. Also thanks to the
Heritage & Culture staff
Activities and Karen Klatush, Charles
Latch, Maggie Gleason, Lynn
The festive Hoheisel, Joyleen McCrory
Gathering Room and Kaleb Merriman for
provided an their extended hours while
opportunity for decorating the Community
holiday activities. Families Center.
were encouraged to come
dressed up to have pictures

Tribal member Salena
Kearny, who was hired by the
Heritage & Culture Program,
did an awesome job creating
beautiful photographs.

In the main hallway of the
Community Center, children
were invited to take pictures
with Santa. After they received
their presents, they scampered
over to get a photo with jolly
St. Nick. Laughter and giggles
were heard throughout the
building as people enjoyed the

Youth played and burned
off excess energy during this
celebration. They were seen
heading down the hallway to
the Youth Center gym.

The Education Program
sponsored a bounce house
provided by Merry Makers. It
can get a little crazy, but the
children really enjoyed this

When things finally settled
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