Page 4 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - January, 2017
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Beautiful decorations WINNERS
warm tribal offices,
homes and hearts Chehalis Tribal
Office Decorating
Nothing gets people into It wasn’t just one wall either. decorations and family heirlooms. Contest winners:
the holiday spirit like gazing at Whole office buildings shimmered The thoughtful displays Best Overall:
beautiful decorations. with Christmas spirit. Monica Lopez
welcomed the Christmas season and Scarlett
Homes and offices on the What an enjoyable experience and provided community Romero of the
Chehalis Reservation featured the for young and old alike! members a delightful break Chehalis Tribal
warm and inviting glow of festive during bustling winter days. Wellness Center
lights and scenes during the 2016 Tribal employees went all out Great job everyone! Best
Christmas season. with handmade ornaments, new Department:
Erica Pickernell
Tribal members showcased and Orinda
dazzling creations, which Goddard of
reflected the love they have for the Vocational
the season. Yard displays were Rehabilitation
so attractive that many families Program
hopped into their cars and Best Individual:
drove around the reservation to Diana Pickernell
witness the spectacular display of of the Chehalis
Christmas spirit. Tribal Loan Fund

Office decorations

Those who were able to visit
Chehalis tribal offices late last
year were treated to building after
building of magical Christmas
decorations as folks competed for
bragging rights.

Even the most stubborn Grinch
was no match for the wondrous
scenes that could be found.

As you moved around the
various offices, you could feel the
warmth and loving atmosphere
throughout the buildings.

Decorations featured
trees filled with ornaments,
snowflakes and candy, as well
as Christmas displays of various
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