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MEDICINE plant grows. Be sure to harvest Protect colon health
willow in an uncontaminated
From page 4 area. Get active today for a healthier tomorrow

home after harvesting your The most medicinal willows Contributed by Stacy Gouley TIME FOR A SCREENING
materials, start processing smell a bit like wintergreen and Jen Olson
with your double boiler. and taste terribly bitter like The Chehalis Tribal
an aspirin tablet with a tart Colorectal cancer is the Wellness Center can help
This takes two days to vitamin C aftertaste. This is fourth most common cancer you determine if you
complete. Turn the heat on what you want. in the United States and the are due for a colorectal
and off, allowing the oil to get second leading cause of death cancer screening. Make
warm but not too hot. Several Willows were used for many from cancer. an appointment with your
types of oil can be added, things other than medicine. health care provider at
including extra virgin olive oil, Pacific Northwest native Colorectal cancer affects 360-273-5504.
grapeseed, jojoba, castor and people used willow to make all racial and ethnic groups
coconut. poles for fishing weirs, rope and is most often found in Month. At Chehalis in 2016,
for fishing lines, nets, baskets, ages 50 and older. You also 76.9 percent of those older
Bear fat also is an option, bows and arrows. might be at higher risk if you than 50 reported they were
which is most likely what our are African American, smoke screened for colon cancer.
ancestors used. It is strong and flexible and or have a family history of That’s great! Our community
does not rot when submerged colorectal cancer. goal is to reach the national
You will know when your in water. goal of 80 percent colon
cottonwood oil is done because Between 2009-2013, cancer screening rate 2018.
it turns a deep golden color Ecological relationship 15 American Indian/Alaska
and becomes very fragrant. Natives were diagnosed with Everyone can take these
Both cottonwood and colon cancer in South Sound. healthy steps to help prevent
To press it out, lay a piece of willow are important to colorectal cancer:
muslin cloth over a container. watery ecosystems because Colorectal cancer is
Put the buds and oil into the they stabilize stream banks preventable through n Get screened at age 50.
muslin, bundle it up, twist and provide shade over water. identification and removal of n Quit smoking and
the cloth and squeeze with This helps keep water cool pre-cancerous polyps. Since stay away from secondhand
all your might. This takes and clear so salmon and other 2010, more than 200 South smoke. Call the clinic about
a considerable amount of species can thrive. Sound Tribal and community tobacco cessation.
strength. members have prevented n Get physical activity
Deer and elk cancer through removal of and eat healthy. Eat at least
Place in a glass jar and enthusiastically graze on precancerous polyps. five servings of fruits or
store. Shelf life at this stage willow as food sources and vegetables and get at least 30
can be two to three years. beavers use it for building The best way to prevent minutes of activity each day.
material. colorectal cancer is to get n Reduce or eliminate
Willow medicine screened regularly starting sugared drinks for you and
Willow flowers produce vast at age 50. There often are your family. Water or flavored
Elise also taught amounts of pollen and nectar no signs or symptoms of water are great alternatives.
participants about willow that bees and other insects rely colorectal cancer. That’s why
medicine. Willow bushes upon. screenings are important.
thrive along the edges of
rivers, ponds, wetlands and Part of our culture The Nisqually Youth
beaches. There are 300 and Community Center is
different species found in After discussing where proudly participating in
different habitats. to find the trees, proper Colorectal Cancer Awareness
harvesting times and how
They are easily missed trees can be used, participants WIC THROUGH
until very early spring when tasted some of the teas made SPIPA
new growth paints bright from cottonwood and willow.
green, yellow and reddish They also took turns preparing Women, Infants and Children
hues on monotonous winter ingredients to make bath salts provides healthful food and
landscapes. or trauma balm to be used at nutrition information for you
Elise taught that all willows and your child up to age 5.
are edible, but some are not Handouts were very
very tasty. The leaves are instructive. Community NEXT DATE
high in vitamin C – seven to members were encouraged to 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
10 times more than oranges! take them for references and April 6 at the Chehalis
Many native people ate the recipes. Tribal Wellness Center
inner bark in springtime,
although it is so labor It was inspirational to learn CONTACT
intensive that very few people the old ways of making natural Debbie Gardipee-Reyes, 360-462-3227 or Patty Suskin,
continue the tradition today. medicines. We have forgotten 360-462-3224; Chehalis: Debra Shortman, 360-709-1689
Willow bark also is high in much about how our ancestors
calcium, magnesium, zinc and made certain medicines.
trace elements.
With the proper teachings,
How to harvest this class can influence
someone to revive this part of
While willows are our culture.
medicinal, the medicine
strength can vary depending If you are interested in
on the species and where the learning more, watch for flyers
or on Facebook for future
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