Page 9 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - March, 2017
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February brought love to Early Learning

For Valentine’s Day, Chehalis Tribal Officer. He brought great giveaways Program that serves pregnant women and
Early Learning children celebrated by and taught us about pet care and safety. children through age 3 by bringing the
giving out valentines to their classmates Afterward, attendees played animal bingo classroom to their homes.
and snacking on goodies they brought to and won a ton of prizes!
share. Some of the children even spent Policies, procedures
time creating homemade cards and gifts Moms and kids
with their parents. The Policy Council met
Calling all expectant mothers and Feb. 13 to discuss
Pet care, safety their children ages birth to 5! Our program business.
program is fully enrolled but we are This is a group
Our monthly Parent always taking applications for our of elected parents
Night on Feb. 15 featured waitlist and next school year. We offer representing Head
delicious chicken fettuccini Start and Early
alfredo and garlic bread for classroom-based slots serving Head Start. They
dinner. Families children through age 5 in go over policies and
enjoyed listening procedures and are an
to guest speaker our Early Head Start important part of our
Brennan and Head Start
Stoelb, Programs. program’s governing body.
Chehalis Tribal We also offer All parents are welcome
Animal Control an Expectant
Mothers and to sit in and take part in the
Home-Based meetings.

Instill a love of physical activity

Looking for ideas to keep your child they can be active, such as public parks, wrist pads or knee pads and ensure each
active? community baseball fields or basketball activity is age-appropriate.
As a parent, you can help shape your n Find time to spend together doing a
child’s attitudes and behaviors toward n Be positive about physical activities fun activity – family park day, swim day
physical activity. Throughout their lives, your child participates in and encourage or bike day.
encourage young people to be physically him or her to be interested in new
active for one hour or more each day, with activities. n Be sure children get the sleep they
activities ranging from informal, active need. Most children younger than 5 need
play to organized sports. n Make physical activity fun. Activities to sleep 11 hours or more each day, ages
can be anything your child enjoys – 5-10 require at least 10 hours of sleep and
Here are ways you can do this: structured or non-structured. Activities those older than 10 should get at least
n Set a positive example by leading an can range from team sports or individual nine hours.
active lifestyle yourself. sports to recreational activities such as
n Make physical activity part of your walking, running, skating, bicycling, RESOURCES
family’s daily routine by taking family swimming, playground activities or free-
walks or playing active games together. time play. Check out the Native American
n Give children toys that encourage Games physical activity kit (PAK)
physical activity such as balls, kites, hula n Limit TV time and keep the TV out at
hoops and jump ropes. of a child’s bedroom. Learn how engaging in outside
n Take the stairs instead of the activities can be fun and affordable for
elevator. n Instead of watching television after families at
n Walk around the block after a meal. dinner, encourage your child to find outside. The site promotes a range
n Make a new house rule – no sitting fun activities to do on his or her own or of healthy outdoor activities for
still during television commercials. with friends and family, such as walking,
n Take young people to places where playing chase or riding bikes. children and families across
Activities the country.
n Be safe! Always provide
such as protective equipment such as helmets,
rope, hula
and running
flying a
kite are all
ways to get
kids moving.
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