Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - May, 2017
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Kenedy Adams Rhapsody Simmons Susette Klatush

10th grade Sixth grade Second grade
Oakville High School Rochester Middle School Rochester Primary School

Kenedy Adams is Rhapsody Simmons Susette Klatush
age 16 and is in the is in the sixth grade is in second grade at
10th grade at Oakville at Rochester Middle Rochester Primary
High School, where School, where she School. She is the
she has a 3.0 GPA. She is maintaining a daughter of Jeremy
is the daughter of Sean 3.14 GPA. She is the Klatush and has four
and Irene Adams and daughter of Susan brothers and two
has three brothers and Ortivez and John sisters.
three dogs. Tanzey and has five
bothers and two sisters. She enjoys
She enjoys watching baseball with watching TV with her family and
her family and hanging out with her She enjoys watching movies with reading and is good at math. Susette
brother. her family at home and hanging out feels she is a successful student
with friends at school. She is good because she pays attention. Her advice
Her favorite subject is math. at math. Rhapsody feels she is a for other students is to pay attention
Kenedy feels she is a successful successful student because she attends and don’t talk to friends when the
student because she does her work homework room. Her advice for other teacher is talking.
and pays attention during class. students is to do their best and try
Her advice to other students is to hard! During Susette’s free time, she likes
remember that school comes first to sleep and play fast pitch softball.
before anything else. During Rhapsody’s spare time, she
admits, “I like to play on my phone.” After high school, she plans to
Kenedy loves sports and is very graduate college and become a teacher.
active in school activities. She loves to After she graduates high school,
play fast-pitch softball, basketball and Rhapsody will attend a college close to If Susette was chairman of the tribe,
volleyball and represent her school home where she will pursue a career she would tell everyone to be good.
with pride and honor. as a doctor.
Attention seniors
During Kenedy’s down time, she If she was chairman of the
likes to sleep and listen to music. tribe, Rhapsody would build more Graduation is right around the
This helps maintain good grades and playgrounds. corner! The Chehalis Tribe celebrates
passing her classes at school. our graduating seniors with a dinner
CONGRATULATIONS and recognition ceremony. If you
After she graduates high school, know any community or tribal
Kenedy plans to attend Saint Martin’s As a reward for their commitment to members getting ready to graduate,
University in Olympia to study social school and personal growth, each student please have them get in touch with
work and engineering. of the month will receive a $50 gift card us to make sure they are on our list.
from the Education Department. Contact JJ Shortman at 360-709-1749
If Kenedy was chairman of Contributed by the or Jodie Smith at 360-709-1897.
the tribe, she would change the Chehalis Tribe K-12 Program
way tribal members receive their
per capita money by giving it out

in brief

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The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center is
Please contact Leroy Boyd at 709-1787 Celebrate Men’s Health Month
or to reserve the celebrating Men’s Health Month in June by
gathering room or any of the other tribal Did you know that men live 5.7 years less giving away prizes if you make an appointment
facilities. than women? Did you know that men are only with Dr. Alan Whipple from June 6-10, the week
half as likely as women to have preventive before Father’s Day.
A facilities use form will need to be filled out visits to the doctor? Do you think those facts
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