Page 8 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - May, 2017
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member of
Harlem Crowns the Fabulous
score big laughs Harlem
Team delivers comedy, sports. They told the audience Basketball
skills, positive message how basketball led them out Team
of their city life. It wasn’t easy autographs
The Fabulous Harlem with the influences of gangs, a basketball.
Crowns Basketball Team violence, alcohol and drugs Below: The
put on quite a show for that could have pushed them Chehalis
community members on down the wrong path. Players Stars played
April 5 at the Chehalis said it was a choice to rise against the
Community Center gym. above the challenges. visiting team.

The Chehalis Stars Basketball isn’t the only
volunteered to be part of the way out. It’s just a sport they
entertainment with special love, and it worked for them.
guest referee Jason Dickerson. Players encouraged children
Little did they know what and adults to pursue whatever
they were getting into when they love to do, whether it is
it comes to the challenge of music, art, native dance, etc.
playing basketball against the You just have to discipline
Harlem Crowns. It is always a yourself to do the things
special night of laughter and required by your body to stay
entertainment. There was a in shape. That’s where a sharp
raffle throughout the evening mind and strong principles are
for lucky folks to win prizes. needed to achieve your dream.

The Harlem Crowns team Back to the game
features players from the inner
city. They demonstrated their Even though the Chehalis
skills with thunderous dunks, Stars didn’t win, it was a great
impressive dribbling and evening. The Harlem Crowns
polished passing. Players refer continued their comic routine,
to their style as clownball, in which brought fits of laughter
which they showcase set gags from the audience.
and comic routines. They are
masters of ad lib and take Thank you Tony Medina
advantage of every situation. for inviting the Fabulous
Harlem Crowns Basketball
Pursuit of dreams Team. Also thanks to those
who volunteered their time.
During half-time, players It is greatly appreciated. It
shared stories about how they definitely was a perfect family
stay clean and sober through night filled with laughter and
quality time together.

Youth Center

Tony Medina
helped bring

players to the

Center to

entertain and
also share

their message
of staying

strong in the
face of life’s
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