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Practice bicycle safety MEETING NOTICE

Contributed by Chehalis LEARN MORE The Constitution Committee meets
Tribal Law Enforcement the second (noon) and fourth Monday
and Officer Mike McNair For additional information (5 p.m.) of each month in the Business
about how to stay safe Committee Room. Meetings are
There are so many great on your bicycle, go to open to all Chehalis tribal members.
reasons to ride your bike.
It offers fun, freedom and bike will help you be seen. Virginia Canales Dianna Pickernell
exercise, and it’s good for the n Ride with your children: Helen Sanders Rachelle Wells
environment. We want kids Farley Youckton Christ Ortivez (alt.)
and families to ride their bikes Stick together until you are
as much as possible. Here are comfortable that your kids are GET FIT FOR FREE
a few tips to stay safe while ready to ride on their own.
offering group strength training and
n Wear a properly fitted conditioning classes Monday-Friday
helmet: This is the best way n 6-7 a.m., 7-8 a.m., 3-4 p.m.,
to prevent head injuries and 4-5 p.m., 5-6 p.m. at the Community
death. Properly fitted helmets Center gym
can reduce the risk of head n 11:15-11:45 a.m. at the Elders
injuries by at least 45 percent. Center (elders only)
Unfortunately, less than half n 12-1:30 p.m. open gym
of children 14 and younger Contact Rikki at 360-464-0664
usually wear a bike helmet.

n Ride on the sidewalk
when you can: If not, ride in
the same direction as traffic as
far on the right-hand side as

n Use hand signals and
follow the rules of the road:
Be predictable by making sure
you ride in a straight line and
don’t swerve between cars.

n Wear bright colors and
use lights: This is especially
important when riding at
night and in the morning.
Reflectors on your clothes and

Dental help for older adults

Older adults need to know COME SEE US
about their oral health as they
age. Brushing teeth twice a day Dr. William Elton at the
and dental visits can become Chehalis Tribal Dental Clinic
increasingly challenging for can answer any questions
adults as they age, which is and supply what older adults
problematic because dental should be aware of to protect
decay, gum disease and oral their teeth. Call 360-709-
cancer are common later in 1659 for an appointment.
rinse can help protect teeth.
People think cavities are n Regular dental visits can
just for kids, but older adults
have as much or more tooth help detect any issues early.
decay as young kids. Older n An electric toothbrush
adults need to know several
things: can be a huge help to seniors
who find brushing teeth
n Research suggests there challenging because of health
is an association between oral issues such as osteoporosis
health and heart disease. and arthritis.

n Avoiding dry mouth is

n A fluoride toothpaste and
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