Page 3 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - May, 2017
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spruce up
The Confederated Chehalis tribal
Tribes of the Chehalis members’
Reservation, ‘People yards and
of the Sands’ homes after a
wet and windy
The articles and opinions winter. The
expressed are not necessarily annual Spring
those of this publication Cleanup
or the Chehalis Tribal Business revitalizes our
Committee. reservation
and keeps it
SUBMISSIONS looking neat
and tidy.
The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter
encourages tribal members It’s cleanup season on reservation
to submit letters, articles,
photographs and drawings to Spring Cleanup is an annual event on the served first. Laborers provided the muscle
be considered for publication Chehalis Reservation as well as across the to mow lawns and complete landscaping
(subject to editing). nation. chores.
Contributing writers, artists
and photographers include It offers the perfect opportunity to The cleanup crew was seen buzzing
Chehalis tribal freshen up your yard and home that has around in the little Kubota vehicles and
community been shuttered up all winter. pick-up trucks that were assigned for this
members monumental task. They were provided
and staff. The Chehalis Tribe provides much- with safety gear and proper instructions on
Submission needed support in handling this big job lifting techniques. It was awesome, and the
deadline is that one person can’t do alone. The tribe Tribe continues to provide this service to
the first of hires laborers to assist tribal members in keep our reservation clean.
each month tackling spring tasks head-on. It’s a two-
(printed monthly). week window of assistance to take care of This allows everyone to enjoy the beauty
tasks that pile up during winter. of spring! Many people were very grateful
TRIBAL CENTER for the assistance and wish to offer a
Early in April, homeowners were told gracious thanks to the cleanup crew and the
Main line: 360-273-5911 about the event and asked if they needed Chehalis Tribe!
Address: 420 Howanut Road help finishing tasks. Elders homes were
Oakville, WA 98568
Office: 360-709-1726 in brief
Fax: 360-273-5914
Earthquake hazards discussed Post 49 will meet in the back kitchen area of
CHEHALIS TRIBE’S The Swede Hall at 18543 Albany St. in Rochester
VISION STATEMENT All residents and Chehalis tribal community on the first Wednesday of every month (except
members are invited to hear a presentation on July).
To be a thriving, self-sufficient, earthquake hazards from 3:30-4:30 p.m. May 30
sovereign people, honoring our in the Community Center gathering room. The social hour and meal are at 6 p.m. (free,
past and serving current and but donations are appreciated) and the meeting
future generations. Tim Walsh, Assistant State Geologist for starts at 7.
Washington Geological Survey Department
BUSINESS COMMITTEE of Natural Resources, will discuss the three Veterans and local community members are
different kinds of earthquakes the Chehalis always welcome. Our social and meeting are
Don Secena, Chairman Reservation region is subject to: open to public.
Jessie Goddard, Vice Chairman
Shoni Pannkuk, Treasurer n Cascadia subduction zone, last time on USDA Food Program
David Burnett, Secretary Jan. 26, 1700
Leroy Boyd Sr., To sign up for the USDA Food Distribution
Fifth Council Member n Deep (Benioff Zone), such as the 2001 Program, call the South Puget Intertribal
Nisqually Quake Planning Agency Food Distribution Warehouse
NEWSLETTER STAFF at 360-438-4216 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday
n Crustal, or shallow quakes, like those that through Friday.
Fred Shortman, Audra J. Hill and occur within the Mt. St. Helens Zone
the Information Technology Team Tribal community members can get an
Hear about other hazards such as landslides, application from Debra Shortman at the
liquefaction, ground cracking and tsunamis. Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center.

Refreshments will be provided. The next distribution dates are June 8
and July 18. Pickup is at the Chehalis Tribal
American Legion meeting moves Community Center from 9:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Starting Aug. 2 the recently renamed
American Legion Cpl. Christopher J. Nelson
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