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Instructor frog leaf as a healing medicine clustered on a single stalk. HERBAL FIRST AID KIT
Elise Krohn when he was young. He Yarrow is found all around
shared the story of his brother the globe in fields, yards and BLACK TEA: For sunburns,
reveals a Gordon who had a nasty boil sandy soils. It is called the boil and place on burn, let
bounty of on his leg that would not heal warrior plant because it’s a dry and reapply.
both broad and a red line moving up his medicine chest within itself. BUG SPRAY: This one is
and narrow leg. His parents took him to self-explanatory, bugs are
Cushman Hospital and said Once you learn how to everywhere.
plantain the doctor recommended his properly use its healing CHAMOMILE TEA BAGS:
leaves leg should be amputated. His properties, the plant can For indigestion, anxiety or
at the father said no, he would take ease health complaints. It restlessness.
care of it. can help stop bleeding, fight ECHINACEA TINCTURE:
baseball infection, reduce fevers, coat Used as an immune
field during As soon as they returned inflammations, promote better stimulant and antiviral
home, he placed a plantain circulation and much more! against cold and flu.
an herbal poultice on the sore. He dipped Harvest yarrow in the spring VITAMIN C AND
plants the leaf into boiling water and or summer. ELECTROLYTE PACKETS:
changed the poultice a couple Dissolve in water for fatigue,
class on times a day. The boil quickly Elise continued crafting dehydration or immune
July 12. healed without leaving a sore. herbal first aid remedies. supplement when you feel
Plantain can be magic for Volunteers came forward to like you’re getting sick.
PLANTS drawing out infections, bites assist making items to go into GINGER CAPSULES: Combat
and stings. each kit. Elise encouraged nausea, upset stomach or
From page 1 using them during this motion sickness.
Yarrow: a medicine chest year’s Canoe Journey. The HEALING SALVE: Heal
fantastic healing properties ingredients are suggested scrapes, bruises, burns,
of herbal medicines used in This plant is also referred to have available with your irritated skin, eczema and
making first aid kits. She also to as “squirrel’s tail” because regular first aid kits. It’s best chapped lips. Herbs speed
discussed some of the plants of its feathery leaves. The flat- to be prepared for everything. up tissue regeneration,
the class would use to create shaped, flowery heads have prevent infection and reduce
the kits. many white five-petal buds Charlene Abrahamson inflammation.
spoke of fulfilling a dream to LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL:
Plantain powerhouse < plantain assist tribal and community Sooth nerves during trauma,
members to become ease headaches, heal burns,
The class took a walk to the yarrow > fight topical infection and
edge of the baseball field where familiar with the healthy speed up healing.
broad and narrow leaf plantain opportunities plants LICORICE STICKS: Wonder
was growing. It’s amazing to provide. herb that can treat many
know how commonly plantain ailments simultaneously.
grows here. The experience These classes are a Suck on the sticks for sore
was helpful to properly way to encourage people throats and coughing. It also
identify the plant. Plantain is to find a natural way of speeds the healing of canker
commonly referred to as the healing through plants. As sores and other mouth
frog leaf and Indian band-aid more people gain knowledge sores.
plant. Leaf veins are parallel about Mother Nature’s bounty,
with strong white fibers. we can continue to pass those
teachings down to the next
This plant is amazing! It generations.
has a miraculous healing and a
rich history of use throughout
the world. The leaves have
long been used as a first aid
remedy for sealing wounds and
drawing out infection. They
can be crushed, steamed or
boiled to make a poultice, or
the whole leaf can be used.
It is very safe when used
as a medicine for healing
various illnesses. No side
effects or drug interactions
have been reported.

Elise shared a story
she learned from Johnston
Charles, an elder from
the Lower Elwa Tribe who
remembers his parents using
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