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Breastfeeding sets Tribal Leadership
baby on right path Academy hones skills

Nursing offers ease “Breast milk is is a leading CONTACT US
for mom, important best for my baby.” online learning platform that
immunity protection has helped many individuals For Tribal Leadership
for little one – MARTI PETERSON achieve personal and Academy application,
professional learning goals. contact Planning/
Evidence shows that Marti Peterson (enrolled Development Director
breastfed babies have Colville, grew up at Skokomish) Participants in the Tribal Tamara Fulwyler at 360-
considerable protection from and her son, Mason. Marti’s Leadership Academy via 462-3226 or tfulwyler@
colds, flu and other viruses. little guy recently turned 1. Learning Pathways
Both mom and baby continue will:
When they do become ill, to enjoy the breastfeeding $250 per person for a 10+-
relief can come directly from experience. n Increase technology hour pathway completion.
their mother’s milk. utilization and leadership
CONTACT US skills. Participants must
In honor of national n Be working for a
breastfeeding month, we chat For more breastfeeding n Develop strong peer SPIPA Consortium Tribal
with mom Marti Peterson, tips and support, contact networks. government program, or
who shares a special bond Women, Infants and Children enterprise.
nursing her son. at SPIPA South Puget n Exhibit an increased n Complete an academy
Intertribal Planning Agency. capacity to lead work groups. application form.
Q: Why do you breastfeed? You can reach Debbie n Provide a written
A: Breastmilk is always Gardipee-Reyes at 360- n Experience increased recommendation from his/
462-3227 or gardipee@ awareness of unique culture her supervisor.
ready to feed my baby., Patty Suskin at and traditions relevant to n Partner with a tribal
360-462-3224 or Debra working Indian country. elder to provide cultural
It is the perfect Shortman at 360-709-1689. mentorship.
temperature. No waiting just makes it harder. Costs and commitments n Have a Timberland
around to mix anything in the Don’t be scared to feed your The Tribal Leadership Regional Library card (free
day or night! baby in public. I was afraid Academy is facilitated by at
to breastfeed in public at first South Puget Intertribal
I love how breastmilk and stayed home a lot. Planning Agency. There is no
changes depending on the When Mason got older, individual enrollment cost to
baby’s needs. I got more comfortable participate.
breastfeeding him in public. SPIPA offers learning and
A mother’s breast milk is He did not want to be covered, mentoring incentives of $125
custom made for her baby but no one said anything to per person for a seven-hour
based on the baby’s age and me. pathway completion and
needs at the time.
Avoid costly identity theft
For example, breastmilk
made by a mother of a Identity theft often CONTACT US
premature baby has different starts with a Social Security
concentrations of various number. Once a thief has a Read our “Identity Theft
substances to suit her baby’s valid number, he or she can And Your Social Security
special needs. open or reactivate credit card Number” at socialsecurity.
accounts in your name, apply gov/pubs/10064.html.
And, when weaning, a for federal or state benefits If you have been a victim of
mother’s breastmilk increases or make changes in your identity theft, contact the
the concentration of immune financial accounts. Take steps Federal Trade Commission
protective factors to give her to protect yourself: at 877-438-4338 or go to
baby a final dose of immune
protection before weaning is Always go directly to
complete. If you paperwork that includes
get an email asking for your your name, Social Security
Alss, breastmilk is free. SSN, do not reply. The Social number or other personal
Nothing to buy! With formula Security Administration will information on it.
at $25 a can, I can spend never ask you to provide your
money on a lot of other things number by email. Monitor credit: Each
for my family. of the three major credit
Safeguard your SSN: reporting services provide a
Q: What breastfeeding Treat it as confidential free credit report each year.
advice do you have? information and avoid giving Go to annualcreditreport.
it out unnecessarily. Keep com/cra/index.jsp.
A: Stick with it. It can be your card in a safe place with
hard in the beginning, other important documents.
but it gets so much easier as
you go on. Shred unneeded papers:
Don’t just throw away
Be patient. Stressing out
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