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New laws combat distracted driving Contact PRC
program for
Advances in technology have given Q: What are the penalties? doctor refferals
everyone the opportunity to own a cell
phone. Phones provide convenience, a
way to keep in contact with family or stay A: The standard traffic fine of This is a reminder that a referral
informed of community events and social $136 would nearly double to from your primary care provider
media engagement. $235 on the second distracted-driving to a specialty provider or facility
It can become addictive checking your
phone, but you should never use it when Gov. Jay Inslee accelerated the start
behind the wheel of a vehicle. date to July 23, instead of January 2019, does not guarantee payment of the
specialty visit.
It is very dangerous and states are so the law is now in place. Although your
adopting laws to protect us and our
families and friends on the road. Q: Is Driving Under the CONTACT US provider at
Influence of Electronics the Chehalis
Many things distract people (DUIE) a primary offense? Tribal
who drive and can vary from Call the Chehalis Wellness
day to day. A: Yes, a police officer can Tribal Wellness Center might
pull someone over just Center at 360- send you to a
In 2015, the National for using a handheld device or 273-5504 and specialist,
Highway Traffic Safety talk to PRC staff they are not
Administration (NHTSA) erratic driving. if you have any issuing a
documented that distracted questions. purchase
driving is dangerous and has Q: Will a ticket raise my
claimed 3,477 lives. About insurance rates? order at
391,000 people have been the time of
injured in a motor vehicle LEARN MORE A: Likely yes because referral. It is your responsibility to
involving a distracted driver. distracted-driving contact the Purchased/Referred Care
Check out the citations will be reported on program to obtain a purchase order
With all of the statistics National Highway a motorist’s record for use by for your outside visit.
gathered by the NHTSA, you Traffic Safety the insurance industry, which The reason we don’t issue a
can see by the numbers that Administration’s testified in favor of the law. purchase order number at the time
distracted driving is one of the website at of the referral is because we can’t
leading causes of accidents. How can you prevent issue one until we know the visit date.
risky-driving/ distractions while driving? Some specialty providers require
NHTSA is leading the distracted- they make the appointment directly
national effort to save lives by driving or 1. Use your cell phone for with the patient and not through our
preventing this behavior. go to traffic. emergency situations only. staff. Also, if you require after hour or weekend emergency services, you
Get the facts, get involved traffic-tickets/ 2. If you are drowsy, pull off have 72 hours to call the PRC office to
and help keep America’s roads distracted- the road. inform them of your emergency visit.
safe! driving.html. The PRC program was formally
3. Limit the number of known as the Contract Health
Not only may distracted passengers, as well as the level Services Program.
driving cost the lives of you or of activity inside the car.
your loved ones, police officers
will start enforcing the new 4. Avoid eating while

5. Do your multitasking
laws with costly penalties. outside of the car.


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