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1 ROBERTA SECENA: Happy birthday Mom, from all of Eugene Klatush MORE WISHES
your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and Destiny Sanchez-Allenbach
Darrel Cayenne everyone who has the pleasure of your love! DENNIS CAYENNE,
Debra Cayenne 23 SYLVIA CAYENNE and
Karlea Youckton Joaquina Coty ROGER LINDA JAKE TANNER: Happy
Ethan Owens SHORTMAN: DANIELS: Julia Higheagle birthday! Have a
3 Jason Slighte, Jr. Happy Happy Eddie Klatush great day, from sister,
birthday birthday, Mom and family.
Autum Beckwith 13 to my from your 24 CHRIS ORTIVEZ and
David Gunnels husband. family and JORDAN BIRD: Happy
Julie Miller Mason Combs I love friends. Sylvia Cayenne birthday. Love you
Dante Quilt Gary Gunnels you very Kayla Nyreen so much, Jenni and
Sean Shortman Nick Purcell much! Love Bryan Secena-Sanders Family.
Cody Revay Margaret. Ethan Wittwer NANCY ROMERO:
4 Happy YOU Day Aunt
14 18 25 Nancy! We love you.
Alyssa Albert ELI SNELL: Happy
Billie Higheagle Jimmy Burnett Whitney Lewis birthday to my son.
5 Malikah McNair Dashawn Hernandez James Pickernell I am so proud of you
Kaelyn Secena Jon Jack, Sr. and your family. All
Cori Abell Jason Medina 26 of you give me the
Nathan Gomez 15 Eli Snell strength to be the
Elijah Quilt Vanessa Youckton Linda Daniels best that I can be
John Secena Trudy Marcellay Andrew Starr and keep me going. I
Roxanne Thompson Aniyah Ortivez-Hicks 19 love you all, Mom.
28 ELI SNELL: Happy
6 16 Allen Jones birthday Eli Snell. We
Cammi Wittwer Shanin Clancy love you, from your
Jason Gillie Ruben Lopez Theresa Youckton Karen Davis wife and family.
Kathy Jones Geo Jack DUSTIN KLATUSH and
Billy Palmer 17 21 Samuel Wright SASHA STARR: Happy
Robert Vigil Happy birthday to
Timothy Poling Roger Shortman 29 our twins. Love you
7 bunches, from Mom,
CHARLIE LATCH: Happy 12th 22 Angelicia Canales Dad and the rest of
Skyler Baker birthday, love Dad. Dustin Klatush the family. <3 <3 <3
Dennis Cayenne Sean Adams Sasha Starr MARISSA DANIELS:
Tonya Higheagle Minetta Cayenne Happy birthday. We
Kelsey Potter 30 love you! Grandma
Linda and your whole
8 Gerald Cayenne family.
Chris Ortivez Michael Romero Happy birthday and
Walter Pickernell-Daniels Richard Romo, Jr. congratulations on
Jake Tanner Bette “Sheena” Tanner wedded bliss, from
your family and
9 ANGELICA CANALES: Happy friends.
9th birthday to our Turtle ALYSSA ALBERT:
Jude Ortivez Ca$h, love and hugs from Happy birthday. I love
your favorites. you granddaughter,
10 Gramma.
Ruth Rogers Happy birthday.
You make the world
11 a better place,
from your children,
Nancy Romero grandchildren, great
Freddie Sanchez, Jr. grandchildren and all
George Sanchez, Jr. of your cousins.


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