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Community witnesses
awe-inspiring eclipse

Tony Olney and Mother Nature, sun, directly reaching us, it felt like
his daughter moon put on a show an early evening temperature
Estrea viewed drop in mid-morning.
the solar By Travis Hendrik,
eclipse on Human Resources Training Some folks also noticed
Aug. 21. The and Development Manager the light’s eerie color change.
event created Many commented that it
surprising At 10:18 a.m. Aug. 21, had a blue hue or that things
shadows on Western Washington looked sharper and clearer,
the ground. experienced a near total such as shadows or colors.
eclipse. Millions of people This strange effect happened
looked skyward for the rare because light from the sun was
celestial event. filtered by the moon’s shadow
and our atmosphere.
Many from the region
journeyed to central Oregon Finally, for those who knew
to witness the total eclipse where to look or knew what
in person. At the Chehalis they were seeing, the trees
Reservation, we reached nearly and leaves put on an amazing
95 percent totality. eclipse sideline show.

Those gazing up might have Similar to how an old-
missed the strange and unique fashioned camera lens or the
wonders that occur on the lens of your eye works, leaves
ground during a solar eclipse. on trees filter the light of
While the sun and moon were the sun every day, except in
the big draw, Mother Nature reverse.
put on her own show. First,
most people observed the In fact, you could watch the
temperature drop shortly after entire event happen without
the eclipse began. With only special glasses!
5 percent of the sun’s light
We only have the unique
opportunity to see this marvel
in action during solar eclipses.

in brief Oct. 26: Praise in Traditional
Parenting classes
nurture family bond Nov. 2: Choices in Parenting

The Healthy Families Project Lunch & Learn
connects native families with a
home visitor and offers parent/ Join the Chehalis Tribal
child activity and learning ideas, Wellness Center for our monthly
infant/childhood development Lunch & Learn from noon-1 p.m.
screening, connections with local Oct. 18 in the Wellness Center’s
early child and family resources, PT Room.
monthly group connections
for families and Positive Indian The talk features Kathi
Parenting classes. Murray, Lieutenant Commander
in the United States Public
Upcoming classes will be from Health Service, Area Diabetes
5-7 p.m. in the Chehalis Tribal Consultant, Portland Area Indian
Wellness Center’s PT Room. Health Service.

Sept. 28: Lessons of the The topic is “Diabetic
Cradleboard Amyotrophy and Proximal
Diabetic Neuropathy.”
Oct. 5: Harmony in Child
Rearing A healthy lunch will be provided.
Call Sandra Dickenson at 360-
Oct. 12: Traditional Behavior 709-1660 or Christina Hicks at
Management 360-709-1741.

Oct. 19: Lessons of Mother
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