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Youth shares experience on journey

The next generation
learns the ropes of
sacred canoe voyage
during paddle
to Campbell River

Contributed by Malikah McNair, Youngters learn important lessons about tribal culture and the water during the Canoe Journey.
Chehalis Tribal Youth
We would play the stick would help us find our canoe us, my mom let me stay and
My experience on this year’s game while we waited. The family. We found our mom dance with the Squaxin Island
Canoe Journey was incredible. adults never beat us the whole safely. Tribe. I also got to dance
It was exciting for me because trip. We would play kids with the Quinault Nation for
I got to travel outside of the versus adults. It was fun. The When it was our turn its protocol. The host tribe
country and see a territory I elders would always come sit for final protocol, I got to brought out masks that told a
have never seen before. with the kids. lead all of the dancers onto story. The host said all of the
the floor. This was a great names of the masks and what
During the journey, I got On the last day of the canoe experience for me because they revealed. I thought it was
to help Aunt Sylvia, Grandpa journey, me and my brother I was able to show the host very cool.
Chet and my mom Glenda Micah got to go out on the tribe that I have listened to
Comenout on ground crew. canoe, but the water was too my teachers and represent my That was my experience on
This meant we had to set up rough for us so my Uncle Bubz tribe with pride. My brother this year’s Canoe Journey. I
tents, blow up air mattress and (Todd Delamater) had us put got to lead the singers onto hope you will join me and the
make sure the canoe pullers on the support boat for our the protocol floor and take Chehalis Canoe Family on the
had a bed to sleep on when safety. We got separated but leads during the songs, too. Canoe Journey to Puyallup
they got back from being on knew officers at the landing After protocol was over for next year.
the water all day.

We woke up before daylight
to get the pullers on the water.
We would eat breakfast,
then it was time to move our
camp to the next place. It was
always “30 minutes” away even
though it seems like we drove
forever to get there.

When it came to dinner, we
got sing songs with the hosting
tribe and enjoy a meal with
them. Some days, the lines
were too long and we didn’t
get to eat, so we would have to
go back to camp to eat pizza or

VOYAGE final protocol. Pullers take
a well-earned
From page 2 Journey completed break on the
The Chehalis Canoe Family joined water during
leaving it like you weren’t even there. 86 canoes when it landed on Aug. 5 the Canoe
n Listen to your elders – they in Campbell River, British Columbia. Journey.
It is an awesome sight to witness. The voyage
offer great wisdom. There were more than 50 indigenous requires hard
n Practice self-discipline because nations represented. work from
the event is drug- and alcohol-free. After the work on the water was involved,
finished, feasting and celebrating but it is an
Facing challenges continued for five days in the Wei exhilarating
Wai Kum “Thunder Hall,” a spiritual and spiritual
It was dry, warm and often smoky house. achievement
during the journey. After leaving with many
from Lower Elwa to Canada, phone The Chehalis Canoe Family rewards.
service became very spotty and it was extends gratitude to all those who
difficult to keep followers updated. helped out on our journey. The
community was grateful everyone
Even with the challenges each returned home safely.
day, many were determined to make
10 gift items to be given away at
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