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Clockwise from
right: Canoes

line the beach at
Sna Naw As First
Nation in Canada

as everyone
heads to camp to
rest and prepare

for nightly
protocols. The
Chehalis Canoe

Family loads
up its canoe
before safely
traveling to the
next destination.
Dustin Wero plays
a drum on board
the ferry back
from Victoria,
British Columbia.

VOYAGE with very few two-day layovers The positive energy “b_ _ t” word because it will
until the final destination in received while learning from require you taking a dip in the
From page 1 Campbell River. other tribes is incredible. water to return honor to the
significance. The We Wai Kei They traveled for three Lessons learned
and Wei Wai Kum Nation weeks and covered great n Carry yourself with honor
from Campbell River, Canada, distances just as their ancestors Many lessons are taught because you represent the
hosted the event. did. It was magical and healing and shared by each canoe canoe family.
being in a canoe. family during the journey:
The Canoe Journey n Respect, listen and
requires physical and spiritual It is an opportunity to n How to make, decorate share with other tribes as
discipline. reconnect to our relationship and care for your regalia. you journey to the final
with the water and our destination.
At each stop, canoe ancestors while traveling from n Songs, drumming,
families follow protocols. tribe to tribe on the coastal dancing and other tribes’ n Care for Mother Earth
They ask for permission to Salish Sea. languages are learned. by picking up after yourself,
come ashore, often in their See VOYAGE, page 3
ancestral languages. At night n Don’t call the canoe the
in longhouses, there is gifting,
honoring and sharing of songs
and dances. Meals, including
evening dinners of traditional
foods, are provided by the host

Time to reconnect

The Chehalis Canoe
Family traveled on the water
with Tu-lap ti weah, our
27-foot ocean-going war
canoe. The ground crew kept
busy moving camp day to day

Ben Thomas
Norma Daniels,
Julia Lea, Billie
Higheagle, George
Sanchez, Eva
Delamater, Dustin
Wero, Shannon
Comenout, Ernesto
Burbank and Todd
Delamater hold our
Chehalis flag.

contributed by
Todd Delamater,
Norma Daniels
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