Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - October, 2017
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is a publication of the Confederated
Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation. STUDENTS OF THE MONTH

* Or current resident Leo Daniels is hanging out with my friends.
Focusing and listening to the
12 10th grade teacher has made me a better
Oakville High School student. That is what I would
in brief tell my fellow students. In my
My name is Leo C. Daniels; free time, I enjoy hanging out
Community Swap Meet my friends call me Leo the with my friends and playing
Lion! I am 15 and attend the video games.
The Community Swap meet Aug. 26-27 10th grade at Oakville High
helped our tribal community make money School. My current GPA is 3.61. After high school, I would
selling crafts, food, household items and love to become a chef! The Evergreen
clothing. Thank you to the Tribal Business I live here on the reservation with State College is where I plan to study
Committee for allowing us to use the Bomb my Grandma Linda Daniels. I have after graduation.
Alley land. one brother and two sisters. We have
three cats and three dogs. I enjoy If I were the tribal chairperson, I
This event was a fundraiser to promote playing basketball with my friends. would help elders out more and help
employment development. Lydia Klatush- them get what they need for their
Fromm was the contact person. She did The thing I like most about school homes.
an amazing job organizing and making the
weekend successful! John Secena I think school is fun.
Turning in work on time is
Mentor Artist Fellowships Eighth grade what has made me a successful
Rochester Middle School student. For my peers, I
The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation would recommend turning
is seeking applications for its Mentor Artist Hello, my name is John assignments in on time and
Fellowships. The fellowship is a regional artist Secena. I attend the eighth participating in class.
award focused in the Northwest, Southwest grade at Rochester Middle
and Upper Midwest areas of the United States. School. My parents are Sam I enjoy playing the drums.
It is open to American Indian and Alaska Native and Leah Secena. I have one brother, One of my hobbies is taking
artists with at least 10 years of experience one sister and two dogs. pictures and editing them.
who want to mentor an emerging American After high school, I would like to
Indian or Alaska Native artist apprentice for a In my spare time, I like to hang go to music school, but I have yet to
one-year period in either the traditional arts or out. decide where to go.
contemporary visual arts fields.
Chloe Lopez lunchtime! Listening to the
Eligible applicants must be at least a five- teacher and being kind helps
year resident of, and enrolled in an American Fourth grade me out. For other students, I
Indian tribe or Alaska Native corporation. Oakville Grade School would tell them to turn their
work in on time.
Deadline to apply is 5 p.m. Nov. 6. My name is Chloe Lopez
The monetary award is $30,000 — $20,000 and I am 9. I am in fourth When I am not in school, I
to the mentor, $5,000 for the joint art project grade and I attend Oakville like to play with my brothers
and $5,000 for the apprentice’s participation Grade School. My parents are and outside with my friends.
expenses. The mentoring period is July 1, 2018, Monique and Brandon. I live with my I really enjoy playing with our
through June 30, 2019. A completed joint three brothers and have a sister on birds.
mentor/apprentice art project is required at the way! We also have two birds. After I finish school, I would like
the fellowship’s end. to become a veterinarian. I have not
Awards will be announced in the spring. I enjoy fun activities with my decided where I want to go to college
Go to family and helping mom around the yet.
fundingopportunities for an application. house. If I were the tribal chairperson, I
would help elders out more.
Food program ready to serve My favorite thing about school is

The South Puget Intertribal Planning Contributed by the Chehalis Tribe K-12 Program
Agency’s USDA Food Distribution Program
offers frozen meats such as bison, pork chops
and ham and delicious in-season fruits.

Tribal community members can get an
application from Debra Shortman at the
Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. To sign up,
call the warehouse at 360-438-4216 from
8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The next
distribution dates are Nov. 13 and Dec. 12.

Pickup is at the Chehalis Tribal Community
Center from 9:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
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