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Work history essential
for a disability claim

Vendors shared information and services with the community at the Chehalis Contributed by Kirk LEARN MORE
Tribal Wellness Center’s annual Health Fair on Sept. 13. Larson, Social Security
Washington Public For details about
FAIR PRIZE WINNERS Affairs Specialist how we evaluate
your work, go to
From page 1 These are just some In Washington, socialsecurity.
thank you to all those who contributed. of the big winners more than 178 gov/disability/
from the Chehalis thousand people are step4and5.htm.
The Special Diabetes Program for Indians Tribal Wellness receiving disability
Community-Directed Program provided a healthy Center’s annual payments. Nationally, terms of being unable
lunch courtesy of Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel. Health Fair. there are more than to work, we also need
Hope to see you next 8.75 million. That complete work history
Brain Injury Alliance of Washington, year! makes Social Security information. Examples
TOGETHER!, Department of Veteran Affairs n $50 gift certificate disability benefits of specific details:
– Health Plan Management, Alzheimer’s for Lucky Eagle something you should
Association, Innovative Sleep Centers, Great Casino & Hotel’s Craft learn about and n Main tasks
Wolf Lodge, Clarus Eye Centre, Bright Star House: Tim Newby understand. n Tools, machinery
Care of South Puget Sound, DSHS Mobile Unit, n $40 gift certificate and equipment you
Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates and tribal for Lucky Eagle’s Social Security used
programs! Other popular vendors were Totally Yuzu: Fred Shortman disability benefits n Knowledge, skills
Therapeutic Massage and Rehab, which offered n $55 gift certificate replace part of your and abilities your work
chair massages and Heal & Toes Reflexology, for Lucky Eagle’s Fire income when you required
which catered to tired feet. Kitchen Buffet: Janet become disabled and n Objects you had to
Stegall are unable to work. lift and carry and how
We would like to thank all those who came out n Sunglasses valued Federal law requires much they weighed
to the fair. They received all kinds of free health at $174 from Clarus a strict definition of n How much you
information and goodies! Eye Centre: Jennifer disability for Social had to sit, stand, walk,
Revay Security benefits. climb, stoop, crouch,
Fatal vision goggles demonstrate how dangerous it n $25 Shell gas crawl and balance
is to drive while drunk or texting. cards: Levi Sanchez, Most people focus n Environmental
Rikki Sutterlict, on the medical severity conditions of your
Jennifer Johnson and of their condition when workplace
Roger Shortman filing for disability
n Bluetooth benefits, providing
headphone from medical records.
Innovative Sleep Because Social Security
Center: Marvin defines severity in
n Fitbit Zip: Rae Choose your candy wisely
Morris and Karen
Klatush Contributed by the Chehalis Tribal Dentist Office
n Fitbit Charge 2:
Long “Lee” Liu, Trisha Chewy, sour and both sugar and acid.
Jones and Sasha Starr hard candies are Reader’s Digest also
among the “worst
Halloween candy” for includes hard candies
teeth, according to on the list because they
Reader’s Digest. linger in the mouth
longer. Chocolate tops
Candy is harmful the list of best bets. Dr.
to teeth because as Messina explained that
oral bacteria eat sugar, chocolate washes off
acid is created as a teeth more easily than
byproduct, said Dr. other candy options.
Matthew Messina,
a spokesperson for
the American Dental
Association. The acid
can then dissolve tooth

Chewy candies are
especially bad because
they stick to teeth, and
Dr. Messina notes that
sour candies contain
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