Page 4 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - October, 2017
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HOPE Chehalis tribal member Akasha Kevin Albert and his daughter Akasha also shared with
Slighte and Emma Elliott-Groves Zoe enjoyed taking a stroll during the audience what keeps
From page 3 were the guest speakers. the Suicide Awareness walk. her moving forward to heal.
n Hands-on learning, She said her son inspires
things. That’s when you start Chehalis tribal member her to continue on. She read
involving young people in growing. You need to know Akasha Slighte described how several poems she has written
everyday family activities where you’ve been in order to the loss of her brother left her or discovered that give her
know where you’re going. Many and her family in shock when strength and wisdom each day.
n Reclaiming traditional youngsters don’t know their he committed suicide. She still
food practices Indian name. They need to struggles with his act. Afterward, Charlene
know who they are,” Jan said. Abrahamson thanked
Cultural protective factors everyone who came to the
also are used at the community Finding strength through Suicide Prevention Walk. She
level: cultural reintroduction can said she appreciated those
be very helpful in making who took time out of their
n Community cohesion decisions. You never know busy lives to show love and
n Traditional healing where your path in life will support to those who have lost
practices take you. New experiences someone to the deadly disease.
n Family models of sobriety give a person a sense of caring,
n Safe spaces that are free purpose and responsibility. Charlene said to remember
of drugs, alcohol and violence that there are many
n Role models outside of contributing factors that we
the family can miss when dealing with
n Emphasis on cultural this type of tragedy.
n School curriculum that What’s important is to love
reflects tribal history, stories and support each other and
n Engaging in practices of learn to recognize the warning
self-determination signs of someone who is
Emma shared an important contemplating suicide. You are
lesson from Jan, a Cowichan not alone and help is available.
elder who reminds us to
always remember who we are. Talk to anyone on
“Our youngsters need Charlene’s program staff or
to start remembering who call the National Suicide
their family was. A lot of our Prevention Lifeline.
youngsters today are lost.
They don’t know who their
grandparents are, their great-
grandparents. Keep your eyes
and ears open about your great,
great grandparents all through
your family line, then you get
to yourself. You see you’re
belonging to a bigger part of


The NNABA Advertisement dates were correct, but the wrong photo 1:30-4 p.m. Planners and tribal program staff
was used. It has been corrected on the website. n Presentations from federal and state resource partners
n Intertribal planning exercises on elders support and services
4-5 p.m. Tribal Resource Fair
5-6 p.m. Community dinner
6-7:30 p.m. Elders and caregivers
n Information on elder support and services including assisting
eligible American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian elders
with benefits through Medicare Part D, the low-income subsidy,
Medicare savings or Medicare prevention benefits and screenings.
n Intertribal traditional activities

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