Page 3 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - October, 2017
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Left: Elders Many thanks
Arny, Theresa
and Winona Contributed by Ranessa Goddard,
Youckton Prevention Outreach Specialist
and Elaine
McCloud Our program would like to
walk together thank guest speaker Emma
during the Elliott-Groves, Cowichan,
Suicide who shared the results she
Awareness collected from her community
Walk. regarding suicide.
Children We also recognize Akasha
tapped into Slighte, a Chehalis tribal
their creative member who read two poems
sides to paint – one for her brother who has
rocks during passed on and one for her son,
the event. Mateo. She shared coping
mechanisms, and we appreciate
HOPE with low self-esteem. The study factored in her bravery in speaking.
emotions of children giving up hope after
From page 1 their experience, which led to other addictions Many items were donated
to stop the pain. Boarding schools left native for raffle drawings: woven and
Mother Nature blessed the event with a youth with symptoms similar to prisoners of beaded items from Heritage &
light shower. The cool, crisp morning was war. The historical trauma negatively impacts Culture; a small refrigerator
a welcome change from hot summer days. future generations. from the Chehalis Tribal Police
Walkers honored those whose lives ended too Department; native-designed
soon. It was a physical challenge, but each However, there is hope in preventing socks from Janita Raham’s
step was a prayer for healing, strength and suicide. Cowichan elders shared their wisdom Domestic Violence Program;
hope. The tribal community united to support about making sure life prevails with Emma. beaded items from Ranessa
everyone affected by this terrible tragedy – not Goddard, Orinda Goddard,
just locally but worldwide! “You see, our ancestors wanted us to Lydia Klatush-Fromm and
understand and value the sacredness of Karen Klatush; a drum and
Raffles were held throughout the event. life. Some of our kids are losing their way beaded medallion from prison
Many programs donated T-shirts that were because they are losing a connection with our inmates sent with Rocky
proudly worn during the walk and items to ancestors and our ceremonies,” said Kyle, a Watts; four turkeys from the
commemorate the day. After a blessing, a Cowichan elder. Events Department; and fruit
delicious meal was shared. and vegetable trays courtesy of
Emma also mentioned other ways to Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel.
Stories, wisdom assist families to prevent and protect against Thank you to Dan “Bones”
suicide. She discussed how the Cowichan Gleason for distributing water
Guest speakers were invited to share people nurture individual factors to along the walk. A special thank
information in prevention of the disease. strengthen their outlook on life. They focus you goes to Sheryl and Mike
The first speaker was Emma Elliott-Groves, on: Whitlinger for putting up and
MD, MSW. She has a personal interest in taking down route signs.
and curiosity about finding knowledge and n A strong cultural identity
resources to prevent suicide. n High levels of support from family and Thank you to all who
extended family participated, including cooks,
Her presentation detailed what she has n Personal, social, cultural and religious food servers and cleaners.
learned and interviews with Canadian beliefs that promote life
Cowichan elders about how they have dealt n Affection, praise HELP IS AVAILABLE
with the epidemic. n Sharing meals together
See HOPE, page 4 Remember this acronym
To be successful, we must be able to for signs of suicide: IS PATH
recognize warning signs, find resources to get WARM? This stands for
help and promote life. With these tools, we ideation, substance abuse,
can assist people in the prevention of suicide. purposelessness, anxiety,
Human emotions are very complex and many trapped, hopeless, withdrawal,
things influence our decisions. anger, recklessness, mood
change. It’s a very useful tool in
Emma’s study discovered that historical the struggle of handling suicide.
trauma impacted many lives during the SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE
Colonial style of education. Boarding schools If you are in crisis or are having
removed native children from their families difficult or suicidal thoughts,
until they turned 18 or 19. call 800-273 TALK (8255), text
NAMI to 741-741 or go to iasp.
This style of teaching and discipline info or, available 24
focused on changing native ways. The absence hours every day.
of the basic core values of native families and
cultural learning left many children scarred
for life.

Young adults returned to their families
hurt, beaten, ashamed of being native and
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