Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - October, 2017
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We are here for a reason
The Confederated
Summit teaches youth to her. She was given a blanket for sharing. Tribes of the Chehalis
find strength for the future Emily embraced the experience sharing, Reservation, ‘People
of the Sands’
Contributed by Caytee Cline, Youth Services “I am so grateful for the opportunity
Manager with Tsapowum, Chehalis Tribal to go to the conference. I learned so The articles and opinions
Behavioral Health much. Hopefully, I can use my newfound expressed are not necessarily
knowledge to better the tribe.” Emily’s those of this publication
Suicide leaves lasting effects on survivors reasons she chooses life are family, school or the Chehalis Tribal Business
and communities. In an effort to fight and her future. Committee.
against the negative impacts, Chehalis
tribal youth attended the second Intertribal Rita met new people, and she was excited SUBMISSIONS
Youth Suicide Prevention Summit in to see someone she met at summer camp. “I
Anacortes on Sept. 25-26 at the Swinomish choose life because of my family, my love for The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter
Casino & Lodge. They had the opportunity drawing and my friends,” she said. encourages tribal members
to bring awareness to their communities to submit letters, articles,
and help one another understand how the Her favorite quote she walked away with photographs and drawings to
desperate act touches all of us. is: “You matter. We all matter!” Rita wants be considered for publication
to make change happen when she gets (subject to editing).
Youth participated in open conversations older, including bringing Native American Contributing writers, artists
surrounding the impacts of suicide in education into our public school system. and photographers include
tribal communities. “Why do you choose Chehalis tribal
life?” was a question five of our tribal When I asked Savanna what she learned, community
youth – Rita Burke, Madison Carter, Gaby she said, “You should keep positive people members
Arellono, Emily Holmes- Pickernell and in your life. Native Americans have the and staff.
Savanna Bush-Bird – were challenged to highest risk of doing drugs and alcohol. Submission
answer during the two-day summit. Each Everyone who spoke had some similar deadline is
of the young women walked away from the problems in their native communities.” the first of
experience inspired. Savanna also echoed what each of the each month
young women felt: “We are leaders and we (printed monthly).
“I will use the stuff I learned to help are strong. The Creator put us on this Earth
others. I know I matter! The Creator put because we are worthy!” TRIBAL CENTER
me here for a reason. The things you step
toward are the things you attract,” Madison I know this experience had a profound Main line: 360-273-5911
said. impact on these young women. I am excited Address: 420 Howanut Road
to see the leadership that will continue to Oakville, WA 98568
Gaby was asked to be a witness to grow in each of them. Ranessa Goddard Office: 360-709-1726
change during the two days. She stood up and I want to thank the families for Fax: 360-273-5914
in front of 70 plus people and said that she allowing us to take their precious little gifts
chooses to live for her family and friends of life on this journey. It was a privilege. CHEHALIS TRIBE’S
and talked about how the summit affected VISION STATEMENT
The activity was funded through the
Tsapowum Behavioral Health R.E.D To be a thriving, self-sufficient,
R.o.A.D Suicide Prevention grant. sovereign people, honoring our
past and serving current and
Chaperones future generations.
and tribal
Harry Pickernell, Sr.: Chairman
the second Jessie Goddard: Vice Chairman
Intertribal Shoni Pannkuk: Treasurer
Youth Suicide David Burnett: Secretary
Prevention Leroy Boyd, Sr.:
Summit. Back Fifth Council Member
row from left:
and Emily
Fred Shortman, Audra J. Hill and
Holmes- the Information Technology Team
front row from
left: Ranessa

Carter, Gaby
Rita Burke
and Savanna
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