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Native artists CONTACT US Instructors and artists at the Native
attend training Artist Professional Development Training
For more about the CTLF (clockwise from left): Consultant of First
Contributed by Diana Pickernell, program or if you are interested Nations Development Ben Sherman; Cheryl
CTLF Loan Coordinator in becoming a trainer to assist Jones; co-facilitator John Pepion, Karen
in teaching this course, please Klatush, Nemah Chobaquak, Margaret
Often, creating art is simpler than navigating contact CTLF Loan Coordinator Gleason, Laura Wong-Whitebear, Brenda
the process of marketing and selling your work. Diana Pickernell at 360-709-1631. Smith, co-facilitator Diana Pickernell,
Charles Latch and William Thoms.
The Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund partnered with Contributed by Diana Pickernell
the First Nations Development Institute for a
native artist training on Oct. 17-18 at Lucky Eagle
Casino & Hotel. The training was developed
to help native artists develop a business plan,
identify their market and price artwork such as
basket weaving, carvings, beadwork, drawings,
paintings and jewelry.

Eight artists attended the first day and 10 the
second day, including people from Port Gamble
S’Klallam, Suquamish, Nisqually and Seattle. The
majority were Chehalis tribal members.

Diana Pickernell and John Pepion
facilitated the two-day course. John is from the
Blackfeet Nation and is a well-known artist of
contemporary ledger art. Learn more about his
work at In her spare time,
Diana puts her energy into weaving baskets and
designing beadwork. She offered a cedar hat for
the recent CTLF fundraiser.

CTLF would like to thank class participants.

Chief of police served with honor WYMAN

A relatively small number of people each supervisor’s report and in the From page 1
get the opportunity to put on a memory of every community member Challenges he faced included
police uniform. Even fewer get to helped. As meetings fade and phone calls
see a promotion and fewer reach the rank diminish, a time of reflection begins on a finding resources and money to run a
of chief of police. successful career – one that was impactful, program that was underfunded.
inspiring and influential.
Recently retired Chehalis Tribal Law Ralph’s humble approach helped
Enforcement Chief of Police Ralph I am honored to write about a man who our tribe grow in numerous ways.
Wyman earned his role through dedication has had a hand in not only my life but in He was a mentor for many and was
and service to those who have taken the countless others – a man who has served accepted as one of our own. His
oath to protect and serve. our tribe and the community that I now tireless approach, knowledge and
serve. Ralph coached me and corrected me resources built up our Public Safety
A chief of police is never off duty, is when needed. I can honestly and in full Program. It is difficult to be chief
always expected to have the answer, serves faith state that myself and many like me of police, but Ralph persevered for
as a guiding hand for the department, is a would not be in our current place in life 28 years. We are witnesses to how
voice of reason within the community, is without his influence. dedicated he was to making our
passionate about the duties of the job and tribal police force into something
has the ability to inspire others. Ralph’s retirement leaves me with a mix special. Ralph did not just grow
of joy and sorrow. He has faithfully served Law Enforcement, but many other
The leadership position is the the law enforcement community for programs such as Tribal Gaming
culmination of a lifetime of holidays and nearly four decades and the Chehalis Tribe at the Lucky Eagle Casino. He also
birthdays missed while working a crime for 28 years. We will remember Ralph’s spurred stronger connections with
scene, anniversaries skipped when services dedication, along with the many others our neighboring communities and
are needed at the station, vacations who have had the privilege of serving the jurisdictions. Ralph sacrificed endless
canceled, countless phone calls and people of Indian Country and other local hours to protect, enhance and build a
emails, late nights, early mornings, long jurisdictions. great department in Indian Country.
hours and never-ending days. He represented the tribe with honor
Ralph, I pray the favor you have and we couldn’t be prouder!
When a chief of police decides to found in this community and within
retire, it is deserving of respect and honor. law enforcement only increases in your With heartfelt thanks from the
Gone are the days of running from call retirement. community and many other agencies,
to call, but stored away are countless we said our goodbyes and wished him
investigations. A chief of police leaves a Thank you, luck. We would like to thank Ralph
legacy marked in each officer’s uniform, Lieutenant Arick Burnett Wyman and his family.
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