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REMEDIES aromatic roots. The bark is be used to make drum sticks important to him to maintain
traditionally used for treating when they are cured. The kids his health.
From page 4 colds, coughs, tuberculosis and made beads out of the stalks.
growth pattern, and proper fever. Devil’s club encourages Volunteers cleaned and
harvesting techniques should lung tissue to work in a more Elise asked a volunteer prepared fresh plants that
be used to keep it healthy. efficient way as well as treating to share why culture is so would be used to make tea.
Devil’s club is found protecting various other ailments. After important. Dan “Bones” They were asked to mix equal
areas that are vulnerable. the spines are removed, you Gleason offered his story of parts elderflower, peppermint,
can chew the bark or make a what he learned when he was yarrow, mullein, one half part
Heavy gloves are essential tea out of it. If you do get sick, younger. He remembers an of licorice and elderberry
when working with the drink ½ to 1 cup up to three elder told him to drink Indian to make the tea. Elise said
plant because the spines are times a day to help alleviate tea to help him stay healthy. the concoction helps fight
painful. She cautioned that the some of the symptoms. Stalks infection, is a cooling anti-
flowers and berries should be don’t go waste either. After Dan continues to drink inflammatory and will ease
avoided as well as the thorns. peeling off the bark, it can a cup of the tea every day. the discomfort of colds, cough
It is a community plant with He said some of his friends and flu.
in Quinault provide it. It is

Students from Olympia High School worked on the Chehalis community’s herbal medicine garden on Oct. 9 at the Community Center.

GARDEN G…R…U…B…Go GRuB! greatly appreciated. by the Tsapowum Behavioral
Grow! Some of the first plants Health’s R.E.D. RoAD Suicide
From page 4 Prevention Program.
hands to chant the GRuB It was exciting to watch were put into the soil two
song. their energy as they finished weeks later, and more will The Chehalis medicine
up the garden. continue to be planted garden is an exciting step
Together, their voices were throughout fall and spring. forward in producing plants to
loud and proud as they yelled Thank you so much Grub make herbal medicines.
for the help! The work was The garden is sponsored

n Photos
Make lasting memories at Women, Infants and Children
our annual festive tradition provides healthful food and
with family and friends nutrition information for you and

your child up to age 5.


9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Dec. 7 at the Chehalis
Tribal Wellness Center


Debbie Gardipee-Reyes, 360-462-3227 or Patty Suskin,
360-462-3224; Chehalis: Debra Shortman, 360-709-1689
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