Page 11 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - November, 2017
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Emergency prep can save the day 11

Contributed by Calvin Bray, Emergency CHEHALIS TRIBAL
Management Coordinator for the Chehalis Tribe NEWSLETTER

An emergency or disaster can impact The Confederated
you and your family in more ways than you Tribes of the Chehalis
might realize. Reservation, ‘People
I recently spoke with a former employee of the Sands’
of Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel who grew up
in Puerto Rico, and most of his family still The articles and opinions
lives there. He had gone down to attend the expressed are not necessarily
funeral of one of his parents the weekend those of this publication
before Hurricane Maria hit the island. or the Chehalis Tribal Business
He described the terrible conditions Committee.
in the storm’s aftermath, how his brother
narrowly escaped his house carrying only SUBMISSIONS
his keys, wallet and one other item before
watching the roof get torn off of his home. Calvin Bray shares water storage tips as part The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter
His sister’s family was stuck in her home of an emergency preparation demonstration. encourages tribal members
for days after the storm because of all be included in each. to submit letters, articles,
the downed trees, standing water, power photographs and drawings to
poles and power lines that littered the n Lt. Arick Burnett discussed the be considered for publication
surrounding streets. importance of having an emergency food (subject to editing).
He also spoke about having no cell supply. He showed types of foods available Contributing writers, artists
phone service and not being able to for long-term storage and use. He spoke and photographers include
immediately contact about the differences in ready-to-eat meals Chehalis tribal
his employers here. and freeze-dried food versus canned food. community
SAFETY TIPS He had to take turns He also explained issues with special members
dietary needs and balanced nutrition. and staff.
with family members Submission
For more standing in lines for n I demonstrated different ways to deadline is
emergency nine or more hours store emergency water, such as large water the first of
preparation just to get essentials storage containers. I shared how to bottle each month
information, such as water, food water using clean 2-liter soda bottles and (printed monthly).
go to and fuel for cars and treating water if it comes from a well. Also, generators. I explained the importance of using and TRIBAL CENTER
replacing supplies before they expire.
One of his uncles Main line: 360-273-5911
had also recently One overlooked source of water that can Address: 420 Howanut Road
passed away, and be used in case of emergencies is found Oakville, WA 98568
among his belongings he found a portable in your home’s water heater. Follow these Office: 360-709-1726
radio with working batteries. The radio steps to secure drinkable water: Fax: 360-273-5914
helped them find out what was happening
from the only radio station still operating in 1. Determine what type of water heater CHEHALIS TRIBE’S
the region. As a result of all of this, he was you have: Most water heaters are powered VISION STATEMENT
stuck in Puerto Rico for about a month and by electricity or natural gas, which typically
was lucky to get a return flight here. has a vent on the top, a pilot light and a gas To be a thriving, self-sufficient,
line at the bottom. sovereign people, honoring our
These are compelling reasons why past and serving current and
being prepared is so important. Whether 2: Turn off the water heater’s power future generations.
it’s hurricanes, wildfires or earthquakes, source: This step is crucial to ensure your
disasters can have long-lasting effects on safety. BUSINESS COMMITTEE
n Electric water heaters: Shut off the Harry Pickernell, Sr.: Chairman
A lunch presentation was held Oct. 16 in water heater’s power by flipping the correct Jessie Goddard: Vice Chairman
a vacant tribal rental home with assistance switch on your electrical panel. Shoni Pannkuk: Treasurer
from Chehalis Tribal Housing Director David Burnett: Secretary
James Guitierrez. The Housing Department n Natural gas water heaters: Locate the Leroy Boyd, Sr.:
provided some of the refreshments. on/off switch and turn the knob to the pilot Fifth Council Member
setting. Do not turn it completely off.
Educational exhibits were explained by NEWSLETTER STAFF
the Tribal Emergency Management and n Turn off the water heater’s water
Public Safety Program. Specific steps were supply: Locate the water shut-off valve Fred Shortman, Audra J. Hill and
shown for how you and your family can (typically on the top of the water heater) the Information Technology Team
become better prepared. and turn it clockwise until it stops.

Demonstrations included: n Let air into the water heater: You can
do this by opening the relief valve. Flip the
n Getting emergency kits together handle so that it sticks straight up or out.
for home, vehicle and children by Sgt.
Jake Dickerson. He explained that who n Locate the drain valve at the bottom of
would be using the kit and under what the water heater and release water from the
circumstances required different items to tank as needed with a container under the
drain valve spigot to capture the water. Be
careful because the water might be very hot.
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