Page 8 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - November, 2017
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It was smiles pick
as far as the

eye could
see when the
Youth Center
and K-12 staff

took kids
to stretch
their legs
and select
the right
pumpkin to
take home at
The Pumpkin
Patch farm in


Kids get gorgeous gourds at Centralia farm

Y outh Center and K-12 scamper around the pumpkin program would be paying as children returned to the
program staff traveled patch in to select a special for the pumpkins. Tony also staging area.
with families and their pumpkin to carve or paint. reminded all the kids that
children to pick gorgeous Each child was assigned a while they could pick any Everyone enjoyed pizza at
gourds at The Pumpkin Patch chaperon for safety. pumpkin they wanted, they Figaro’s after the exciting trip.
in Centralia on Oct. had to carry it themselves to While they ate, youngsters
13. Little ones let the designated area. chatted about the Community
out screams of joy Halloween party and shared
The annual as they played on Markers were available design ideas for their
excursion is a tractors, hammed to tag pumpkins to avoid pumpkins. Some planned to
favorite autumnal it up during photo confusion. make scary jack-o-lanterns
activity that gets opportunities while others leaned toward
folks in a festive at the straw After posing for a group sweet or cute. The possibilities
mood. Thankfully, pit and played photo, children headed off were endless.
the weather around plywood to enjoy a hay ride together.
cooperated during cutouts scattered It’s such a treat to travel A big thank you goes out
the trip. It was an throughout the around the farm and learn to the Youth Center and K-12
overcast day but the farm. about what other fun things Department staff for all of the
rain held off. it offers. Smiles were priceless work you do!
Youth Center
Children came Manager Tony
dressed in clothes Medina told the
they could easily children that his

Young students excel Explorer of the
Week recipients
Rochester Primary School does something from left: Kaiden
special to recognize children who are doing a Delgado, Shyloh
great job and setting a good example every week. Kinkaide, Marivella
Mendez and Taren
It’s a wonderful reward system that Baker. Youth Center
encourages growth in learning. Manager Tony
Medina is also
Award recognition ceremonies through the pictured.
month recognize students’ efforts.
Contributed by Tanya
During October, four tribal youth were Kinkade, Chehalis
recognized for excellent manners. tribal member parent

Youth Center Manager Tony Medina attended
the ceremony to congratulate students personally.

Well done!
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