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P. 1   FREE July 2008 CHEHALIS Honoring Evelyn Program TRIBAL Elders: Penn  Elder News NEWSLETTER learns to weave baskets, 4 Monday Clinic Hours Change The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center   (CTWC) will be operating on a later schedule on Mondays. Starting July 7, the clinic hours will be open from 9:30 a.m. 29 Head Start students to 6 p.m. We hope these hours will assist patients who have diffculty accessing CTWC services during the normal 8-4:30 graduated in April hours. Dental Appointment Guidelines  Red and black caps were everywhere, and smiles were on The Chehalis Tribal Dental Clinic every face at the ceremony held at the Lucky Eagle Casino, 4 staff is dedicated to your quality care and is pleased to reserve an appointment for all dental health consumers. In order to meet the scheduling needs of all of our Chehalis Tribal Days starts with honoring: Ceremony patients, we have established guidelines regarding appointment scheduling. Many patients need our services and missed People pay respects Honors appointments affect everyone. 1. It is the patient’s responsibility to keep scheduled appointments. then play ball 2. So that we may provide care to all Salmon of our patients, we request a minimum of four hours notice for cancellations. When a patient has not given the four- and provides a hour advanced notice or has failed to arrive within 15 minutes prior to their plentiful and safe appointment time, this is called a “failed appointment.” harvest 3. If a patient has more than two failed appointments in a six-month time period, the patient will not be able to By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist schedule a dental appointment for the The tribe’s annual Salmon Ceremony next six months. A patient can call in was held on May 16,, 2008. This the morning to see if an appointment is ceremony was developed and started by available on a day-to-day basis. Ross Davis and Dale Clark many, many moons ago. It celebrates and honors the Help for Reservation Pets salmon. It also allows us to harvest fsh for Do you have a dog or cat that needs to each year’s ceremony. be fxed? Did you know there are several There is more to the ceremony than organizations that will help pay the cost just the feast. The ceremony uses oral to have pets on the Chehalis Reservation tradition to teach how to “Honor the spayed/neutered? Salmon.” Rez Animal Resources & Education We had originally set the ceremony will pay for your pet to be spayed/neutered date for the May 9, but the weather and at either Scatter Creek Animal Clinic in salmon didn’t cooperate. Spring Chinook, Rochester or Fords Prairie Animal Clinic the target of tribal nets and fshing poles, in Centralia. If you are interested please Foreground (L-R): Cynthia Andy, Diana Pickernell, Heather Klatush, and typically don’t move far up the Chehalis Melanie Hjelm tend grave sites at the Secena Cemetery. contact Amy Loudermilk in the Planning River until the water begins to drop Department at the Chehalis Tribal  The Chehalis Tribal Also, the men would bring their tools and and warm, signaling spring is here and Center or contact me (360) 858-1513 equipment and prepare the baseball feld summer is near. With the weather staying Days start with honoring during the week. This is what honoring cooler and rainier this spring, the fsh were Memorial Day weekend is all about,” the Ancestors and ends added Dolly. slow to appear, so we had to move the ceremony back a week. with the Memorial Day As people worked together, and read We fnally had enough salmon by 50 Baseball Championships. the headstones, fond memories of people Thursday morning and all the last-minute who had passed away emerged. Some memories were recent and brought forth preparations began. We’re sorry if we 40 The Tribal Days Memorial Day tears. Other memories linked people forgot to get out more notice after having Baseball Tournament is a Chehalis Tribal to their family trees. After the all-day to postpone the ceremony. Just remember, 30 tradition, one that always starts with clean-up, everyone left reminded of our if it doesn’t happen on the scheduled date, it will be set up for the following week. honoring those who have passed away in ancestors and the importance of taking 20 service to our country. On Thursday, May care of the cemeteries. Please check in with us if it’s postponed. The Lucky Eagle Casino donated all 22, about twenty Chehalis the paper products as well as some food, 10 Tribal Members and others Cover Little Miss Tribal Days and chairs and tables. The Fisherman’s Fund visited the cemetery to pay Excitement! donated fsh and other food. 0 their respects, mow grass, story The Elders voted for four categories: Thanks go out to those who helped Jul 05 Jan 06 Jul 06 Jan 07 Jul 07 clean the headstones, and Little Miss Head Start Kayley Trott; prepare and cook the fsh and fsh heads place fowers. Marie Bird Tribal members walking gave the blessing. The tribe provided Li’l Miss Pai-nui Carter; Junior Miss (Ray Secena, Shawn Ortivez, Dennis Malena Canales, and Li’l Miss Tribal Cayenne, John Shortman, Fred Shortman, The number of people walking in the lunch for the volunteers. Days Madison Carter. The Youth Center Barnaby Canales, Wakisa Wittwer, Robert diabetes prevention walk has increased. During lunch, some of the Elders provided dinner. Cayenne, and Guy Youckton). Maynard talked about the old days. “Men would By Friday, anticipation of baseball go clean the cemetery while the women games was in the air. All the work was Starr caught and cooked eels (lamprey). Nancy Romero and her sister, Gloria, cooked and prepared the food,” recalled fnished by the grounds keepers who had prepared the salads, fry bread, and desserts Janice. the felds and reservation prepared for a with help from their family and Georgette “After the work was fnished, they would play baseball and other games. See TRIBAL DAYS, page 2 See SALMON, page 3 Great Wolf soft on March 13. Eyes were wide, taking it Chairman David Burnett, joined in an all in. “Mom, are we going to live here enthusiastic wolf howl. opening: now?” asked one youngster. Everyone was tour. Everyone knew what they wanted Kids were fdgeting during the lodge feeling right at home. Kids love Wolf Manager, Derrek Kenzel, paid tribute Soon, that’s what they were doing: to do: get soaking wet in the water park. During the opening ceremony, Great City, ST Zip Street Address it (so do to all the Chehalis tribal members who had hundreds of children, moms, dads and supported and worked towards building grandparents, climbing stairs, the lodge. “This sliding, screaming, dodging is not about FirstName LastName spouts of water Wolf. It’s just the Great parents)! not about just the Chehalis and jumping into Committee. Business waves. It was a It’s about all of from the Chehalis tribal you, the great break Howlin’ fun for everyone members,” freezing By Cecilia Kayano said Derrek. cold Then the group spring. Chehalis Elders and families walked on stage, including See ©Copyright 2008 CHEHALIS TRIBAL through the massive doors of the Great SOFT NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Wolf Lodge, many seeing it for the frst Chehalis OPENING Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis time. It was the lodge’s soft opening, held Tribal page 3
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