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Honoring Our Elders: frst day. After fnishing, I wanted to start out to me -- become a basket weaver!” Evelyn Penn another basket. I was told by Linda that I came all together. Now, I dedicate myself “I do remember that day, when it had ‘The Gift’ of working with cedar.” There were about 15 people who to continue to learn and teach what was How She Became a participated in the class. “I felt really shared with me-understanding, as a basket connected to working with cedar, because weaver, that it’s not until you hold the while working on my basket, I found material in your hands, do you know what Basket myself being very focused on my work,” will become of it. I learned to not work the said Evelyn. material while you are upset or angry and She later learned how to gather to take pride in your work. That’s how I Weaver materials from Yvonne Peterson who was became a basket and hat weaver.” contracted to teach classes at the time. Chehalis Tribal Member, Evelyn Penn, Yvonne show us how to gather sweet grass, cattail, cedar bark, cedar and birch is 57 years old and comes from a family of nine. She has fve brothers and three was only able to start the bottom coil of a root. sisters. She is the oldest daughter of Ruth Evelyn Penn’s grandma, Hariette basket. Evelyn said, “I couldn’t remember Since the class, Evelyn has completed Pete and Morris Penn. She graduated Pete, who was married to Frank Pete, how to do the rest, and tried to rely on thirty-two cedar hats. She said, “In giving from Olympia High School in 1970. showed her how to weave. She remembers what I remembered while watching my my frst hat away, I’m following the She volunteered at the Chehalis Tribal watching her on the porch working her grandma.” tradition that my dad taught to me. So, I Head Start Program while her daughter material. “I was amazed at how gentle and She was invited by Henrietta Boyd, continue to honor that tradition and pass it was attending. She has worked different patient she was while making her baskets, who was the Elders Coordinator at the on to those who wish to listen. Sometimes positions in Head Start and received her how much she put herself into her work,’ time, to attend basket weaving classes as we grow up, things touch us and we Teachers Certifcate. She also received said Evelyn. held at the Elders Center. The class was become connected to them through our her BA in Native American Studies at the She frst learned how to bead from her being sponsored by the Chehalis Tribal life. We may not understand them until we Evergreen State College. She has eight sister-in-law, Judy Penn, who was married Heritage Committee. Evelyn was excited are able to hear what they are saying to us. children, ages 16-37; six girls, two boys to Wesley Penn. They made different and signed up immediately. This class My mom used to tell me what they meant, and nine grand-children with one more items to sell and give away as was needed taught her how to work with cedar. Their but I failed to receive the whole message. on the way. Her hobbies are weaving, for extra spending money. frst assignment was to make a little cedar The message continued to try and reach beading and making regalia for her Her interest in weaving started in basket. It was a four-hour class taught by out to me, but still I couldn’t understand it. children. Evelyn is presently working on 2001, after her mom past away. She Linda _____. Evelyn said proudly, “I was When I fnished the frst basket, I fnally her frst sweet grass and raffa hat. started working with cattail and raffa, but able to complete my frst basket on the understood the message that was reaching Kindergarten Over 50 Join Cancer Walk Here We Come!! Tribe held its frst The Chehalis annual Cancer Walk on May 25. All the By Tracy Mitchell proceeds went to The Chehalis Tribal Head Start members that supported the Head Start cancer prevention. graduation took place on April 29, 2008 program by buying raffe tickets and Fifty-two people at the Lucky Eagle Casino. We had 29 baked goods. walked 5K for this students advancing to Kindergarten this The Lucky Eagle Casino graciously worthwhile cause. year. The children wore red and black caps donated the use of the Bingo Hall and also Great job everyone and gowns and proudly marched up the provided dinner after the ceremony. The who walked, and aisle and onto the stage to receive their Head Start program is very grateful for all yes, Lucille Back diplomas. of the support we receive from them every completed it too! Many hours of planning and fund year. They are a very important part of our Thank you to raising efforts went into this year’s event program. Numerous businesses donated those who donated and it defnitely paid off! A special thank thousands of dollars of merchandise for family pictures for you goes out to the parents and family our raffes. We are very appreciative of the memorial, the members who donated their time and their generosity. Graduation is a very people who donated talent to ensure that the children’s Head special part of the Head Start experience money or purchased Start graduation would be remembered for and we couldn’t do it every year without T-shirts, and those who walked. A special years to come. We would also like to thank all of the support from the community. thanks to Joyleen all of the tribal employees and community and Vernon McCrory who dedicated their time and effort in making this a successful memory. This was a touching The first annual Cancer Walk raised $700 for cancer and memorable victims. A memorial was created of pictures of experience. cancer survivors, as well as those who lost the fight. Clinic Wins Best By Misty Hill Parade Float Award The 5th Annual Literacy Parade, Traditionally, the parade is followed sponsored by the TELO Program, was by a fag football tournament in October. held on May 3 for the Chehalis Tribal Due to an unfortunate death in the Front: Zachary Woosley, Shayna Pickernell, James Jimenez, Samantha community. The theme picked for this community, the parade was postponed Moceri, Aaron Esquivel, Shelby Petty, Chyler Daniels, Jimena Gomez, year’s parade was “Careers.” Tribal until May. Hunter Ortivez, Middle: Mira Rainbolt, Tres Meddaugh, Allie Fair, Mykale programs were invited to submit foats The Accounting, Clinic, Head Start Atkins, Lizbeth Mendez, Jonathan Knittle, Emily Holmes-Pickernell, that ft the theme. There is always friendly and Education Departments put great Zachary Sauer, Tanya Sanchez, Kalob Spann, Destiny Ziady, Top:Teacher competition among the departments to win effort and creativity into each of their Tracy, Andrea Greiner, Joshua Hubbard, Caelen Christensen, Johnny best foat. The best foat winner receives foats making the fnal decision for the Secena, Owen Harner, Julian Garcia, Aaron Jones, Jacob Ristvet, the TELO traveling drum to be proudly best foat diffcult. Accounting employees Elizabeth Phelps, Teacher Marilynn displayed at their department until the dressed as professional athletes and Talkin’ Trash them to transfer stations in Lacey or the winner. Crows and a Hen restaurant was served comically poked fun at steroid use. following year. Elders voted to determine A tasty barbecue catered by Two Old Centralia). The K-12 Education Program - Use the dumpster for any extra trash, By Glen Connelly or large items like furniture or mattresses. strongly encourages the Chehalis Tribal afterward at the community center. K-12 departments and leaders of the Chehalis Education would like to thank all of the Do not overfll the dumpster (LeMay will Free Trash not remove it if the lid doesn’t close). Tribal community to participate. The sole departments and the Oakville School Services purpose of the parade is to promote the District for their participation in this event. There are two Handling Fireworks and importance of education among our youth We encourage more people to get involved ways to get rid of Cardboard in a fun and entertaining manner. next year. After all, it is for our youth. trash: 1) put your Fireworks season is already here! trash cans and Please do not throw away unspent recycling bins out freworks. Put spent tubes and other on the curb and wrappers in plastic garbage bags, then have them picked throw away. We are working on a up by LeMay, and; recycling plan for all those cardboard 2) use the 40-yard Tribal dumpster located boxes that come from the freworks. on the old Hamilton Farm on Howanut When the cardboard recycling bins Road. Both options are free. Please do arrive, please remember: not burn garbage, furniture, construction - Flatten the cardboard boxes before debris or cardboard. (EPA restrictions putting in bins. do not allow this kind of burning.) And, - Use bins for cardboard only. please do not dump garbage alongside any - Only put fattened cardboard in bins road. (no paper, no spent freworks tubes, no Here are some garbage disposal tips: Styrofoam, no plastic strapping). The clinic featured children posing as doctors and nurses to represent - Use your regular LeMay garbage Any questions about solid waste the future of the medical field. Head Start wore chef outfits and pick-up service for everyday trash. can be directed to Glen Connelly, decorated their float with balloons and food to exemplify culinary arts. - Do not put hazardous chemicals Environmental Program Specialist in the A boat covered with fishing gear carried education staff dresses as (paint, batteries, motor oil) in your Department of Natural Resources at 858- fishermen, hunters and loggers. It was a tough call, but the title for best curbside bins, or in the dumpster (take 1554 or float was awarded to the clinic.
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