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Tribal Days since they were little children. One said, “I look forward to renewing old friendships, (continued from page 1): seeing my relatives from neighboring Tournament Summary tribes, reliving the game through family fun-flled weekend. members who are playing.” Thirty teams showed up to “Play Another said, “My earliest memory When the fnal game of the tournament ended, there were awards handed out Ball!” Divisions included Men’s Hardball, of Tribal Days was the food, then it was to each division: 1st Place received championship jackets; 2nd Place received Women’s Slow Pitch Softball and Coed competing as I got older.” There were pullover windbreakers; 3rd Place received sweatshirts, 4th Place received T-Shirts; Slow Pitch Softball. On the basketball also bittersweet memories of playing with All Stars received Best Bat; and MVP received Best Glove. court, there were games for the kids. Food teammates and friends who had passed on. and craft booths were available in and But seeing the children and grandchildren around the baseball felds. brought feelings of joy and pride. Men’s Hardball 1st Place – Little Boston 1 2nd Place – Little Boston Pistols The First Pitch, Never Forget the Pride, Jesse Goddard, Tournament Director 3rd Place – Willies Lots of Memories the Fight to Win Diana Pickernell, Scorekeeper 4th Place – Nisqually The sound of the frst pitch, the Who couldn’t help but feel proud announcers’ voices of Steve and Chubby, to watch the determined players, those the cheers of the crowd, the looks of in it to win for their team, their family, determination on the players, your own their tribe? All teams came to win the adrenaline rush… Chehalis Tribal Days championship jackets, wanting the had begun, and all was right bragging rights for the rest with the world. “We’re here for of the year. That’s why they As Elders watched, one reason: good, put on such a great show: an memories were rekindled. old-fashioned in-your-face demonstration Their eyes lit up as they Indian baseball!” of the fre burning inside remembered the old - Ken Stevens them that drove them to push days: baseball and other their bodies to their limits, to competitions like the 100- go for the goal. We could see yard dash, the dry canoe races, the fat it in their eyes. Win or lose, each player man races, the baseball throw, the bone gave their best. It was a wild ride for the games. “First we came for the food and players and the spectators. We can hardly the socializing,” said one Elder. “Then we wait till next year’s. came to compete.” And we will be back! Little Boston from Port Gamble S’Klallam won the men’s hardball Many Elders said they had been championship jackets. Little Miss Head Start, Kayley Trott, and Jr. coming to the tournament for many years, Miss, Madison Carter, kneel at the bottom right. Women’s Slow Pitch Softball Cheryl Starr, Tournament Director 1st Place – All Nations Carla Thomas & Norma Daniels, 2nd Place – Taholah Lady Stars Scorekeepers 3rd Place - Skokomish Andy Zaidy & Terry, Umpires 4th Place – Muckleshoot All Nations from the Chehalis Tribe, Muckleshoot, _____, and _____ won the women’s slow pitch softball championship. Tribal Vice Chairman, Don Secena, was one of the volunteers who helped cook at the Salmon Bake at the fsh pit. Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball 1st Place – All Nations Volunteers Make Cheryl Starr, Tournament Director 2nd Place – Lower Elwha Carla Thomas & Norma Daniels, Scorekeepers 3rd Place – Taholah Stars 4th Place – Muckleshoot Andy Zaidy & Terry, Umpires Tournament a Success! This tournament couldn’t have been • Don Secena for prepared the fsh possible without the hard work of many for our annual fsh plates that were people. So here’s a special thanks and available at the fsh pit. recognition to the rest of the volunteers: • Shawn Ortivez & Robert Cayenne • Tournament Directors, Jessie God- prepared the clams & oysters. dard and Cheryl Starr; scorekeep- The salmon, clams, and oyster plates sell ers, umpires, announcers, and the out quickly, so next year, remember to grounds keepers. check in at the fsh pit to see when they’ll • Tony & Marla Medina did another be done. Other volunteers at the fsh pit awesome job with the children’s were: Guy Youckton, Roberta Youckton, activities through-out the baseball Leslie Boyd, Pai-nui Carter, Norma games adding to their Tribal Days Daniels, Mary Secena. All Nations from the Chehalis Tribe, Muckleshoot, _____, and _____ memories. won the co-ed’s slow pitch softball championship. Chehalis Canoe Club Chehalis Business Committee Tribal David Burnett, Chairman Joyleen McCrory, Secretary Tribal Journey 2008-Paddle to QUW’UTSUN (Cowichan Bay, BC) Newsletter Don Secena, Vice Chairman Jesse Goddard, Treasurer July 14 ..............Squaxin Island Hosting 420 Howanut Road John Shortman, 5th Council Member July 15 ..............Arrive at Nisqually Oakville, WA 98568 July 16 ..............Arrive at Puyallup 360.273.5911 (office) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: July 17 ..............Arrive at Muckleshoot – 2 days 360.273.5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communication Coordinator July 19 ..............Arrive in Suquamish July 20 ..............Arrive in Port Gamble S’Klallam July 21 ..............Arrive in Port Townsend Articles and opinions expressed in July 22 ..............Arrive in Jamestown this publication are not necessarily the July 23 ..............Arrive in Elwah – 2 days opinions of this publication or the Tribal July 25 ..............Arrive in Songuees Council. July 26 ..............Arrive in Tsaout (E Saanich) The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter July 27 ..............Arrive in Tsartlip (W Saanich) encourages Tribal Members to submit July 28 ..............Arrive in Cowichan letters, articles, photographs, and August 1 ...........Final Day of Potlatch protocol August 2 ...........Rehearsal day for Indigenous games drawings to be considered for publication. August 3 ...........Opening Ceremonies and Cowichan will do their These are subject to editing. protocol and giveaway Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis Tribal You’ll need the following to enter and exit B.C.: drivers license, original community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of birth certifcate, Proof of Residence, or tribal ID. Questions, contact the Chehalis Reservation... Sylvia Cayenne at 360.273.5911 or Submission Deadline: 6th of each month “People of the sands”
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