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P. 1    FREE October 2008 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Mabel 1/4 Cooper Elders: Program TRIBAL  She keeps busy by tending to News NEWSLETTER her fower garden, reading books and Emergency Contact collecting angels, 3 Phone Number  “People of the Sands”  1-866-623-8883 This is a reminder of our emergency contact All Youth Come out Winners in phone number. With winter soon to be arriving, you should have this number posted Baseball Tournament on your refrigerator or near your phone. Here are some tips to remember when an  It was their little tribal days tournament. Even though the emergency arises: * When power outages happen: Keep weather was hot, they all had fun! 2 your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Constant opening and shutting doors will thaw and spoil any food. * Have emergency rations of water, batteries Construction Begins on Not Just a Big Fish Story: and candles available for extended power New Tribal outages, foods and any other natural disaster. * Use the emergency contact phone number Long-Awaited Center Salmon Hatchery for emergencies. Tips to a More Positive Court Will Provide Experience By Beth Hofstetter, Court Clerk Education, Jobs No one likes to go to court, and often and Fish emotions run high. If we all work together, and follow traditional behaviors of respect By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist for all, tribal court proceedings will run The Chehalis Tribe has approved the more smoothly. Keep in mind this is tribal court and it is different than county, state building and staff for a tribal salmon or federal court. Here are four things to hatchery at the old Hamilton dairy milk- remember: parlor. The Chehalis Tribe has long Our criminal, civil and juvenile case wanted to build and operate a hatchery. records are not available to the public. The Fisheries Program is working Defendants and their attorneys have access on fnalizing the design, sinking the to the records. Family members need well, and securing the building. The permission from the person involved to have construction thus far has been slow, access to their records. A written request but we are getting some things done: must be submitted to the judge, and it is The well has been drilled, and Derek his or her discretion to grant the request. Youckton and Shawn Goddard stripped (Refer to Chehalis Tribal Court Procedures Tribal Chairman David Burnett (left), Vice Chairman Don Secena (with cap), 3.06.030 Access to Court Records.) tribal staff and construction crew wait for a blessing of the land by Dan the building, with the help of youth When present in a court proceeding, Gleason, Sr., for the tribe’s new community center. workers Mako Slighte and Daulton either as a witness, defendant, friend or Youckton. They are currently putting in family member, your personal conduct must  Fun, Learning and Teaming Up to Happen new doors and windows. The water lines be dignifed. Be orderly and respectful, for well water and waste are going to be addressing the court in a clear and courteous Within Walls of New Community Center done soon. manner. (Refer to 3.10.010 Conduct.) By Sarra Burnett-Lisle, Planning Administrative Assistant Firearms or any weapon aren’t allowed, Deciding on Species unless they are being submitted for evidence You asked for it! With the guidance of new place for our youth, elders and tribal The Fish and Wildlife Committee, the tribal members and the business committee, by an authorized law enforcement offcer or the planning department has set into motion members to work and have fun, and will tribe, and the Business Committee will soon bailiff. offer new offces, a gymnasium, activity decide what species and stocks of salmon If a person fails to follow these simple the construction of your new Chehalis rooms, a swimming pool, library, computer to raise. The Chehalis River and Black rules, he/she may be ordered to leave the Tribal Community Center at 461 Secena room and kitchen. River support some of the most prolifc and courtroom, may be found in contempt of Road. In 2002, a facilities master plan The south wing will be dedicated to healthy stocks of Coho (Silver) salmon on was developed, including the construction court, or placed in jail. (Refer to 3.10.020 of a new Public Safety Building and the our youth, and includes a large area for the west coast of the lower 48 states. With Courtroom Order). Wellness Center. The Community Center is after-school activities and offces for youth this in mind, the tribe may consider raising program staff. Your Native Vote the last piece of this plan. On Wednesday, The library will have research and the less prolifc and healthy runs -- species such as fall and spring Chinook (King) and Counts! September 10, Dan “Bones” Gleason, Sr., fction sections, as well as computers with Chum (Dog) salmon. blessed the land as it was getting prepared internet access. Near the library will be six More than ever, your Native vote in for construction. There were ffteen classrooms that can be used by the youth, In the past several decades, the fall and spring Chinook runs have been the upcoming presidential election will tribal members there to witness the event. education, and cultural heritage programs. make a difference. Help make Native You could see the smiles on their faces, The education and cultural and heritage under increasing pressure from sport and Americans an even more powerful voting and the high expectations of continued programs will be housed at the new commercial fshers. WDFW (Washington force. Be part of this historical election. improvements for the tribe. community center. With these programs Department of Fish and Wildlife) opens If you have a Oakville address, cast your This Community Center will provide working closely together, they can offer rivers to Chinook fsheries even when the forecast for these fsh are small. At the vote at the Oakville Fire Hall. Rochester many new opportunities for all our tribal more options for us to learn about our tribe, residents vote at the Rochester Fire Hall. and community members. It will be a See Community Center, page 4 See Hatchery, page 4 Vote on Tuesday, November 4 Elders Keep Basket Weaving Alive by Sharing Their Knowledge with Youth  Elders Show Youth will continue to grow for years to come. cleaning, then dried. The drying process is the same as drying sweet grass. After How to Gather Sweet The gathering time is from July to October, the drying process is done, the cattails are Grass and Cattails and done at low tide. A very important rule separated by size, tied and are ready to use. is to gather only the amount you can use. It is great working with the youth, By Marie Griswold, Chehalis Elder Our permit allowed us to harvest cattail, teaching them the process of harvesting too. We harvested it on the return home. sweet grass and cattail. They are our future The frst week of July, several Elders and After the harvest, the group returned to basket weavers! City, ST Zip several youth traveled to Bowerman feld the Elders Center to Street Address in Hoquiam to harvest sweet grass. This is clean the sweet grass. one of the few remaining areas where sweet Each grass is washed grass grows, and it is protected. In the last individually one by FirstName LastName ten years, the feld has diminished to about a one, using fresh water quarter of what it used to be. Different areas to rinse all salt water are experimenting with growing sweet grass and mud. The grass is with limited success. layered on drying racks, The purpose of this trip was to gather and turned every two materials for the Elders Program, and to days. It takes about two teach the youth how to properly gather sweet weeks until the drying grass and cattail. We have a responsibility process is fnished. to preserve our traditions, and keep the art of Sweet grass is used for basket making alive. (under construction) ©Copyright 2008 foundations of baskets CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER Youth learned that when gathering sweet on main weavers. Scarlett Romero, Nancy Romero, and Marie Griswold is a publication of the Confederated Tribes grass, care must be given to not pull up the Cattails only need of the Chehalis Reservation. roots of the plant. This will ensure the grass to be separated for (left to right) gather sweet grass at Bowerman field.
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